Is there such a plural as atto for a number of atolls?

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No, the word atolls is the plural form for the singular noun atoll. Example:

There are a number of atolls on the coast near my home.
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How do you make an atoll?

Answer . it is a small lemon with 4 spikes on its face. Answer . it is a small lemon with 4 spikes on its face. Answer . it is a small lemon with 4 spikes on its face

What are atolls?

Atoll . An atoll is a type of coral reef, shaped like a ring, that surrounds a lagoon. .

What does an atoll look like?

An atoll is an island formed by a ring-shaped coral reef encirclinga lagoon. Atoll's are mostly found in tropical waters because theyrequire coral reef building.

What is the biggest atoll?

In most cases, the land area of an atoll is very small in comparison to the total area. Lifou (land area 1146 km²) is the largest raised coral atoll of the world. Lifou is a commune in the Loyalty Islands Province of New Caledonia, an overseas territory of France in the Pacific Ocean. It is ( Full Answer )

What is a coral atoll?

A coral atoll is a large ring of coral that extends up to the ocean's surface and higher.

How is a coral Atoll formed?

A volcanic island or underwater mountain forms via volcanic activity. This allows a surface near the water surface for corals to attach too. The corals form a ring around the volcano.

Can people live on an atoll?

Yes. Bikini Atoll (You may have heard of this famouis atoll) was populated till the US decided they wanted to test Nukes their and kicked the local population off in 1946.. Sure, why not? People live on Wake and Midway Islands which are both atolls.

Example of atoll?

a group of small coral islands in the shape of a ring that encloses a lagoon

How do atolls form?

an atoll is formed first as a reef that fringes a volcanic island. As the island sinks(after the volcanic activity has ceased and the crust has cooled, becoming denser), the reef continues to build upward, eventually ending up as a ring-shaped structure

What is an atoll formed from?

An atoll is formed from a coral reef and sometimes receding land or a volcanic structure.

What is the sheltered side of an atoll?

It is the side away from the prevailing winds, where storm tides donot generally have as great an impact. For multiple islands, it canbe the side facing the central lagoon, where the water isshallower.

What was the Bikini Atoll?

The Bikini Atoll is an atoll in the Marshall Islands and was thesite of many American nuclear tests in the 1940s and 1950s.

What is Atole?

According to the Food Lover's Companion, atole (which is pronounced ah-TOH-leh) is "a very thick beverage that's popular in Mexico some parts of the American Southwest." For more information on atole at, see the Rela ( Full Answer )

How does an atoll form?

An atoll is formed first as a reef that fringes a volcanic island. As the island sinks (after the volcanic activity has ceased and the crust has cooled, becoming denser), the reef continues to build upward, eventually ending up as a ring-shaped structure.

Is Samoa an atoll?

No it is not. An atoll is largely made up of coral reef and is generally flat land (Tokelau is an atoll) Samoa has mountains and is not flat.

How is a atoll made?

An atoll is made by: it is a small lemon with 4 spikes on its face Read more:

Why don't atolls sink?

Atolls don't float to start with. There is land, the remnants of former volcanic islands, beneath them. The lagoon in the centre is not connected to the sea.

What is the plural abbreviation for number?

it depends regular numbers such as one two, and so on there is none not unless you write it out such as 1,2, or yeahhh anways there is no real answer to that unless there is roman numerals such as I, II and so on look up roman numerals

Where do atolls form?

Atolls are formed first as a reef that fringes a volcanic island.The two largest atolls are Suvadiva in the Maldives Island andKwajalein in the Marshall Islands.

How do you use atoll in a sentence?

The hydrogen bomb was exploded on the coral atoll of Bikini.When the explosion was over the island was split in two parts hence the 'bikini', a two part swim wear.

How do you spell a number to make it plural?

A numeral can usually be made clearly plural with an S (2s, 3s),although traditionally using an apostrophe for letters and numeralswas one of the few exceptions to the rule that apostrophes are notused for plurals. Examples: There are three 2s and two As in the product number. (three 2's is no more ( Full Answer )

What are disadvantages of atolls?

Fishing may not be that good because of the shallow water The fact that there IS shallow water and isn't that great for swimming Underpopulated so not much community Rising sea levels put atolls in danger During storms waves break off pieces of coral

What are the features of an atoll?

Features of an atoll are: They thrive in warm tropical and subtropical waters. Most are found in the Pacific Ocean. They are products of the growth of topical sea organisms. They are usually round and formed around a lagoon.

What does an atoll feature?

An atoll is a ring-shaped coral reef and features a lagoon. Someexamples of atolls are the Bikini atoll, Tubbataha Reef andLighthouse Reef.

How do you get to ape atoll Runescape?

you need to do monkey madness and go to this guy at the bar place in the trees in tree gnome stronghold (i think his name is Dario) and ask to go in and do the puzzle fly to a island then go on a boat and you will be at ape atoll.

What is atole made out of?

Atole is made of corn flour,sugar,cinnamon sticks,milk, and the flavour of atole you want!! (example:corn,pineapple....)

What are the plurals of numbers 5 and 7?

The plurals can normally be indicated by 5s (fives) and 7s (sevens). Numerals and single letters were once accepted as exceptions to the rule that apostrophes do not form plurals.

Is Kure Atoll extinct?

No, Kure still keeps its head above water, and no, it has had no volcanic activity for thousands of years.

Where do atolls develop?

Atolls develop in the remnants of volcanic islands. As the island ages and erodes, it becomes an atoll with the crater at the center.

How do coral atolls form volcanoes?

They don't. Volcanoes rise from the bottom of the sea, and much later, coral might start living around the circular volcano and create an atoll eventually.

What does atole mean in spanish?

Bit troublesome question, but if you mean what is atole? it is a Mexican hot drink that is made with the main ingredient masa, a corn flour food kinda what tortillas are made of. Its very popular arround Christmas season.

Can you use fishes as the plural number of fish?

Both "fish," and "fishes," are correct plural forms of the singular word "fish." . The singular noun fish is a word for a single creature or a substance used as food. The food substance fish is an uncountable noun.. We can have some fish for dinner. . The plural noun fishes is a word for mult ( Full Answer )

What is an antonym for atolls?

there is not any antonyms for atoll. I'm very sorry I have been searching the web for about a week for this word and it is not found

What is yaren's atoll?

An atoll is a coral island that encircles a lagoon partially or completely. Yaren, is a district and constituency of the Pacific nation of Nauru. It is the capital of Nauru. Yaren does not have an atoll, but instead is a part of an island in Micronesia.

What colors are atolls?

they are mostly green but they can be blue and a little reddish at points and it turns brown and gray as welll

Is the Great Barrier Reef an atoll?

No. The Great Barrier Reef is not a single atoll, but atolls doform part of it. The Great Barrier Reef is a series of atolls,islands and reefs extending for a length of approximately 2300km.

What is meant by plural number?

In English, a noun or pronoun is described by its number and case. "My" is singular in number and possessive in case. "Our" is plural in number and possessive in case. Plural simply means more than one.

Where is the Kwajalein Atoll located?

Kwajalein Atoll is located in the Pacific Ocean approx. 2,100 miles southwest of Hawaii. This is the biggest coral atoll in the world and the Kwajalein Atoll is part of the Marshall Islands.

Is 'a number of' singular or plural?

The term number here is a collective noun that uses a plural verb,as the object of the preposition "of" will be plural.

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What is the difference between an atoll and an archipelago?

An atoll is a type of coral reef, shaped like a ring, thatsurrounds a lagoon. The Islands are all the surface expression of asingle underlying structure (the top of a volcano). An archipelago is a group, chain or cluster of islands surroundedby a large body of water, usually the open sea.