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Is there such a thing as Air Force 1 shoes?

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Yes, they are one of the world's most popular shoes. You need to get some. Look them up at

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Which looks nicer vans shoes or air force 1 shoes?

air force 1 is classic,vans just a trend

When was Air force shoes 1 made?

In 1982.

Where is Nike Air Force 1 originally from?

The Nike Air Force 1 is in reference to the airplane Air Force One, and it was Nike's first basketball shoes with Nike Air.

Who invented air force one shoes?

Nike is the brand who created and manufactures Air Force 1's

What is the best pair of shoes ever made?

air force 1

How much are air force 1 shoes?

Anywhere from $72.00 to $130.00

What shoes did ice cube wear in Friday?

Air Force 1

What shoes does Flo Rida wear?

Nike Air Force 1

Is air force 1 a plane?

Air Force 1 is not just a plane, also a pair of shoes. Nike released many diffenent kinds of Nike Air Force 1 shoes, and many shop are selling them. You can have a look about them. These shoes are so leisure and comfortable。 Many basketball fans are also nike air force 1 fans. Yes,it is the plane the president of the united states is on.Any plane in the world that the president is on.

What is the price of Nike Air Force 1 shoes?

The price of Nike Air Force 1 shoes vary depending on where one purchases them and on whether they are used or new. The average price for a new pair is about $70.00.

When was The first air force ones shoes to come out?

Well that's why they are the Air Force 1's because they were the first Air Forces to come out in 1982.

Where can you find the cheapest Air Jordan shoes?

1.first thing you do you go to goodwill 2. buy shoes 3.abracadabra you have shoes

Where can you buy Nike air force 1?

You can buy them online at JD sports, the Nike web site or footlocker and so many more just type in to google nike air force 1.There have various of nike shoes,nike air force 1.

What shoes was Michael Jordan wearing in 1992 olympic games?

Nike Air Force 1-Premiums

Are Nike air force 1 light?

no, nike air force one is one of nike's heaviest shoes weighing about 1.5 kg. talk about wearing ankle weights

Are there any shoes similar to the ones from Back to the Future 2?

there is: high top nike air force 1 :)

What are the shoes called from the movie lottery ticket?

Limited edition dj clark kent air force 1's

Is Air Jordans better then air forces?

they are both great basketball shoes,they're both technically Nike since Jordan Brand is a part of the Nike brand. Air Force Jordan is a mixture of the Nike Air Force 1 shoe and a shoe from the Air Jordan series. the main different is the sole,

What is the name of the presidential jet?

Air Force 1 Air Force One

Where can you buy rainbow Nike air force 1 from?

Well, now you don't need to the shop on the street to buy nike shoes, there are many businessmen sell them online. These shoes are also high quality but even more cheap. I have bought a pair of nike air force 1 rainbow in, you can have a look. Here there are many different shoes of air force 1 rainbow.well it all depends on your ware abouts in pickering there is a store in the pickering town center called boat house, or by loblaws theres si voius play sports or oshawa there is a store called detox thatll have them

Who owns air force 1?

The United States Taxpayer. But it is operated by the Air Force.

How much does it cost to have a pair of Nike Air Force 1 shoes made at Nike Sportswear?

usually about 100usd,but you can buy the discount one:

What shoes is Chris Brown wearing in the No Air video?

Air Jordan 1's

How does the president travel through the air?

on air force 1

What did the Royal Air Force do during World War 1?

The Royal Air Force did not exist during WW1 .