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*If you are looking for silly or weird questions we have had on this site, there is a category called Most Amusing Questions Ever Asked on WikiAnswers - it is found under the Humor and Amusement Corner*
Regarding the supposition that a question can be stupid: we often hear the statement that a "question is stupid." Literally speaking, a question can be neither stupid nor intelligent; It is only the questioner who can possess the attributes of stupidity or intelligence. More from our Wiki Contributors:
  • If you perceive it to be silly or stupid, then yes, it is, however, if the person asking the question genuinely does not know the answer than no, it is not silly to ask that question.
  • Yes there is a such thing. If you ask a question that you could have answered yourself just by thinking about what you just said, that's pretty silly. For example, my pharmacy has a phone answering system that says "Thank you for calling your local 24-hour pharmacy" and I constantly get people saying "What time do you close?" - that's a silly question.
  • A question about something you do not understand, or that you'd like more information about isn't silly, even if you think everyone except you must know the answer - in class, if one person asks a question, then there are at least another five or six people who wanted to ask, but were too shy. Asking a question when you can easily find the answer by looking in your book or on a search engine like Google or dogpile might be lazy, but it isn't stupid.
  • In some cases a question can be considered a stupid question! If you are just starting to learn about something...then there are lots of questions to be asked...because you have never learned about the subject! Those questions are generally not considered stupid.
However...sometimes people try to ask questions that they know are stupid, or silly. The reason for this is simple. They are trying to either
  1. fit into a group
  2. make people laugh
  3. seem cool
  4. look cute
  5. impress someone
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Q: Is there such a thing as a stupid question?
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