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You have to be on ONE policy or the other of parents... most likely who you live with more than 50% of the time.

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Q: Is there such a thing as auto insurance for a teen whose parents have joint custody?
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What is the difference between joint custody and shared custody?

They mean the same thing . The parents share legal and physical custody of the child.See related question.They mean the same thing . The parents share legal and physical custody of the child.See related question.They mean the same thing . The parents share legal and physical custody of the child.See related question.They mean the same thing . The parents share legal and physical custody of the child.See related question.

Is there a such thing as illegals getting sole custody?

Yes. Illegal parents is usually acknowledged by the court and get the same parental rights as other parents. If they do get sole custody the child will go with them when deported.

How does joint custody affect children?

Opinions from contributors: The critical factor appears to be conflict between parents. With relatively little conflict between parents, joint custody is associated with better outcomes for children. Joint custody is not all as pleasant as it seems. Some kids don't really care, but for kids like me who are use to being around both of my parents it is really hard to deal with. I am 17 and my parents got a divorce about 2 years ago. Since then I hardly ever see my dad even though my parents have joint custody. If my mom gets mad at my dad then she won't let us (my little sister, little brother,and me) go and spend time with him. She says that she only does it because she wants to make sure that he doesn't try to hurt us in any way, but I don't think that is the case. This also goes the same for my dad. If he gets mad at my mom he won't spend time with us he will just make up excuses. He does it to try and hurt my moms feelings but he is really hurting us. Going from one house to another is not fun either. Because you have to let your friends or any one wants to see you who house your staying at and that is a pain in the butt. So all these experts think they know every thing but they don't because half of them have never been in a situation like us kids have to go through. It is easy to find research supporting both sides of this question. Joint custody (50/50) sounds great in theory but is difficult and often harmful to the child. Living in two different places makes it difficult for the child to find the stability they need. Where do they call home? It also takes two parents working together 100% of the time to establish consistent rules, moral values, and even things as simple as bedtimes. True joint custody may be appropriate in those cases where the parents stay good friends and divorce on good terms. In my case, my wife left the kids and I for a much younger lifestyle that is not kid friendly. I am so thankful I was awarded primary physical custody. Joint custody would not be in the best interest of the kids. I find it hard enough to deal with my ex-wife allowing our 4 and 8 year old stay up past midnight, watching R-rated movies with them, and trying to be more of a cool friend than a mom. It would be so much worse if custody was on a 50/50 basis. Joint custody is the ideal when it is amicable. If all parents would behave in the way a responsible adult should, it would be a much happier and peaceful environment for children who have no choice in the matter.

Who gets the custody of the child if the mother is having an affair in UK?

The court care about what is in the best interest of the children and just because one parents had an affair does not mean they are unfit to parent. It can be shared custody or one get it. The court wants the children to have access to both parents. The affair will not be the thing that decides custody.

I was awarded temp emergency custody due to child's mother arrested for drugs whats the chance that you will gain full custody at next hearing?

Without knowing the jurisdiction difficult to say. In general, you'd need to prove the mother is unfit to have custody. This is a hard thing to do. Joint custody is more likely.

Getting custody of my son from my parents how can i?

YOUR SON. the only thing that makes an adopted child different is their blood. which means nothing.

Can I Give child medicine without ex spouse's permission?

If you have sole custody, yes.If you have the child on visitation and he needs a minor thing (EG: children's aspirin) and there is no specific rule saying you can't yes.If the child is injured and the custodial parent is not contactable, you may make reasonable and necessary decisions in an emergencyIf you want to put the Child on Prozac with out your joint custody parents approval, NO

How do you sort out finances when your husband leaves you?

* The best thing to do is see a lawyer and your husband's lawyer and your lawyer will decide who gets what and if any children are involved who they will live with or if there will be joint custody.

When parents share joint legal custody does the parent with physical custody need the other parent's permission to hire a weekend babysitter?

yes, but if he says no take him to court and deal it with it there. it's the best for your child and because there has been custody set, this would be the legal thing to do. nicole * Not unless the original custodial order stipulates that both parents must agree on child care issues. Generally the court gives either parent leeway in such situations and assumes that they will act in the child/children's best interest until it is proven otherwise.

Can a mother give grandmother temporary custody of children?

Yes as long as that grand parent has a suitable income home close food and every thing to take care of some times if the parents are not suitable parents the grand parent can take them to court for custody with out the parents permission but if the mother and father agree than yes

What right does a parent with no custody have over you?

Whatever rights are granted by the custody order. If the custody order specifies "visitation", then you have to visit. It's not an "if you want to" thing, it's a "have to" thing.

If no custody has been establish can you get your child on visitation and decide to not bring them back wjile you file for custody?

Technically in cases where there is no order of custody possesion is 9/10ths of the law IF both parents are legally recognized to be parents (i.e. have signed the birth certificate). However if one parent has had primary physical custody of the child following a separation and has been responsible for the majority of the care for the child the court may not look kindly on the other parent hijacking custody. The best thing to do is file for temporary custody before actually keeping the child.

What is joint set in mathematics?

A joint set is a dumb thing in the dumber thing mathematics

What concerns have been raised about joint custody?

In my opinion, divorce agreements and custody agreements have a half life of about two years. Your financial affairs are best separated by that time--ie shared ownership of the house is difficult. Same thing with custodial agreements that spell out visitation and who has what days. As the child grows older, it is not reasonable for them to be ironclad. For example, bringing a child home on Sunday night does not allow them time to readjust before going to bed and getting to school on Monday. Older children have outside activities that may interfere with the switch. The best thing is for parents to figure out how to talk about these issues reasonably and save the court costs.AnswerA major complaint about joint custody involves lack of cooperation. Those opposed to joint custody point out that if a couple cannot get along well enough to stay married they cannot get along well enough to have equal input into decisions regarding the children and therefore, the parent who will have physical custody should have sole legal custody. A non-cooperative and controlling non-custodial parent could delay and complicate necessary decision making regarding the child. That type of situation could also prolong stress and negativity long after the divorce.If the parties are civil to each other, mature and mutually interested in the best interest of the children, then joint custody can work. Of course, the parties must honor all the terms and provisions of the separation agreement and any court orders.Many judges will not grant a petition for joint custody unless the parties show they can cooperate with each other.

What is an example of linge joint?

There is no such thing as a "linge" joint.

Can a 13 year of from Illinois make the decision of who she would like to live with even though the current parent has full custody and is a fit parent?

Essentially, you can be asked to decide if your parents can make it happen. There may be a reason that you don't know of that the one parent has full custody, and the other doesn't. You would have to logically convince the parents that the choice is not a passing thing, and commit to spending 4 to 5 years at the other house. Again, the parents have the custody worked out, so the deal is done.

Do temporary child support and temporary custody mean the same thing?

No. Custody means the child lives with you. Support means you are paying the parent who has custody.

What is the difference between primary custody and primary physical custody?

They are two terms used interchangeably that essentially mean the same thing. Primary physical custody refers to the parent with whom the child resides with the majority of the time but, joint custody has been granted. Sometimes a parent may have primary physical custody but the other parent may have legal custody, meaning one parent shall have the right and the responsibility to make the decisions relating to the health, education, and welfare of a child." This parent can make all decisions without seeking in put from the other parent.

How do I get joint custody of my babyI am not married to my girlfriend and I am afriad she will leave the state with my baby which is due on oct 7thwhat do I have to Do?

The first thing you do is get a lawyer that specializes in this area - then they will guide you with all the pertinant information and actions you will need to do. Good Luck

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* it is neither because it is a gliding joint a hinge joint is in the knee and the elbow joint. The ball and socket joint is in the hips and the shoulder joint it is some thing other than

What is legal or physical control of a person or thing called?


Which country holds the biggest insurance depot?

No country holds the largest insurance depot. There is no such thing as an "Insurance Depot", there are companies called "Insurance Depot", or something similar such as "Health Insurance Depot", but it is not a thing that countries hold.

If your ex-husband died with the children as beneficiaries but the insurance company says you need to be appointed as the legal guardian are divorce papers enough if you have always had custody?

Just go to or call the insurance company and request the money for the children. Don't be angry or abusive, just tell them that you want a check. Make sure you have papers to indicate that the children are under your care and that should be the end of it. If you have their birth certificate showing you and your Ex as parents and a court document showing custody you might send a copy of those papers along. Recognize that birth certificates need to be "certified" copies for this kind of thing and be certain to keep the original court declaration of custody for yourself. Don't send THAT one through the mail.

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Can either parent sign a marriage license for their 16-year-old?

It depend on you situation, If you can prove to a court that getting married is the best thing for you then you probably don�t need your parents at all, but if you just want to get married at sixteen then you only need a parent who is a Legal guardian. It depends on the state. Many states require the signature of both parents if they have equal custody. If your parents are divorced then only 1 parent has to sign. My mom signed for me when I was 16 and me and my hubby are happily married! If parents share joint custodial rights then both parents must give permission for a minor to marry. If parents are married and one objects the minor cannot marry.