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There is a salute that has been associated with communism and therefore can be recognized as a communist salute. The 'Raised Fist' Salute is often connected with communism. To do it, one simply raises there closed fist to roughly the height of their head.

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Raised fist

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Q: Is there such thing as a communist salute if so how do you do it?
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Why don't marines salute indoors?

They do salute indoors... If they didn't salute, it would be another reason such as: There wasn't a officer or anyone/thing to salute. They weren't in uniform. They had no cap/lid/(headgear of some variety) on. Ect.. there are many other reasons. But they do salute indoors.

What is the opposite salute?

Adolf Hitler introduced the opposite salute in 1935, the best thing to do is to talk to old german soldiers and use his salute in front of them, they will tell you the answer in more depth.

What type of economy does a communist country have?

Communism will have to be at a global level, so there can be no such thing as a Communist country. And it will have no economy, because no money and no prices.

Is a 15 gun salute given for the death of a first lieutenant in the army?

No such thing.

Why do communist government have communist economies?

There is no such thing as a Communist government or a Communist economy. Communism means no classes, no government, no money.

If you are not communist can you hang out with your friend if they are communist?

It's not really good if you hang out with your friends are communist. Try to have another friends is the best thing you can do !

How do you Translate English salute to German salute?


What is the closest communist country to the US?

Communism is a classless stateless society based on production for use, with no rulers or money. It can only exist on a global level, so there can be no such thing as a Communist country.

Are communist the enemy of the US?

The terrorist and the communist so the answer is yes.

Salute in Spanish?

(to) salute = saludar

What is life like for the citizens of china?

they live under a communist government so they have no say in any thing really. they cant do what they want the government has all The control in every thing.

Do you salute civil air patrol officers?

Military personnel are not required to render a salute to CAP personnel, but they are not restricted from doing so if they desire.

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