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Too much Omega 3 can have consequences. It can result in thin blood, allergic reactions, low blood pressure, and loss of blood clotting ability.

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Q: Is there such thing as consuming too much omega 3?
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What happens when you have too much omega 3?

you will die

Why is there omega 3 in eyeliner?

omega three is a very health oil for skin if you don't get too much.

How do you get zinc poison?

By consuming too much zinc.

Are omega 3 and 6 considered fatty acids?

Omega fatty acids are good for you but too much of Omega 6 without a balance of Omega 3 can be a bad thing and lead to extra joint and body inflammation. Omega 6 leads to production of prostaglandins which while beneficial can lead to excess inflammation if too much is produced. Vegetable oils and nuts are healthy choices with Omega 6 but add some Omega 3, which are in fish, walnuts and spinach among other foods to balance it out. Don’t eat less Omega 6 just eat more Omega 3 to balance it out.

Consuming alcohol can?

Consuming 'too much' alcohol can make you drunk, and could eventually affect your health.

Can consuming too much soy - such as edamame - be harmful to a child vegetarian?

Yes. Consuming too much soy can be detrimental to a person of any age as the excess soy can be damaging to the liver.

What are the effects of consuming too much carrots?

diaharea cause of the fiber.

Does blackout and passout mean the same thing?

A blackout refers to amnesia associated with consuming too much alcohol whereas passing out refers to losing consciousness because of consuming too much alcohol. In the case of passing out, immediate medical help should be obtained. The distinction is often confusing. See Related Link for more.

Is there such thing as too much exercise?

Yes, too much of anything is a bad thing

Is eating too much butter bad for you?

It can be because of the fat in it. I wouldn't think too much would be bad because it contains omega 3.

What are the symptoms of drinking alcohol?

Drunkeness is a symptom of consuming too much alcohol in too short a period of time.

How many calories should a 15 month old toddler be consuming?

not too much

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