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There is no such thing as an iPod 4S. The iPod 4G stands for iPod 4th Gen. Such as iPod

3G. There is no such thing as iPod 3GS. There is an iPhone 4S and an iPhone 3GS. There will never be an iPod with an s. : )


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Ipod touch vs Iphone 4s. Iphone 4s can hold ALOT more data than the Ipod touch, also the Iphone 4s has a higher rating than the Ipod touch. Its honestly up to you but based on the people that have each its usually chosen that Iphone 4s is better.

There is no such thing as an iPod 4S. You may be referring to the iPhone 4S, iPod 4, or iPod 5. If you get it done professionally, it can cost around $70-$100. If you are planning on doing the job yourself, you can buy the screen replacement parts around $25. Keep in mind though, if your device is still under warranty, repairing the screen on your own will void the warranty, since it is considered to be tampering.

That depends on how you purchased it.

no the ipod is round and the iphone is rectangular

No. The 4th generation iPod Touch and the iPhone 4s have basically the same length and width, but the iPod is 7.2mm thick while the iPhone 4s is 9.4 mm. They also have slightly different shapes. Technically, since the iPod is smaller, it would probably fit, but it wouldn't stay on or work properly.

If you happen to lose your iPod 4s and you do not have a tracking app on it, simply engage the social media by promising rewards for anyone who comes across it.

No, it doesn't. The iPhone 4s has siri.

Yes! The iPhone is basically the iPod but with texting and calling. You can download music from iTunes to your iPhone and just use it as an iPod.

Siri only comes on iPhone 4S and iPod 4S by default and is not installable on any other iDevice unless you jailbreak and install the proper tweaks and packages.

Yes, currently Apple has made the docking stations compatible with the 4S and 5 IPhones.

No the iphone 4s screen is slightly bigger in terms of dimensions, also the cut outs are different.

No, but they'll give you a huge discount (: at the apple store

Yes, iPod Touch 5th Generation do have Siri just like the iPhone 4S. Hope this answer helped a lot (And it is true)

Dont know of this app is for iPod but it does Work on an iPhone 4s. It is called geosociety. It does crash very rarely. All you have to do is save it,

No, the A4 chip is. A5 is in iPad 2 and iPhone 4S

There is no such thing as 'installing' an iPod Touch.

There is no such thing as 'editing' your iPod Touch.

there is no such thing as a you-pod. it's ipod. sorry

You can not the part for the Vibrate thing is not internally in the ipod

No gpsphone is an illegal you can get after you jailbreak your ipod

well the new generation ipods like ipod 4s can cost almost more then $199.99 (best buy price) but the old ones are still more then $100.00

No, it doesn't. The white iPod is just a different colour that has come out and only uses Voice Control exactly like the black one. The iPhone 4S has Siri. Hope this helped!

There isn't such thing as an iPod touch 5th gen. But there is but what I mean is when people say 'I have an iPod touch 5g' what they mean is they have a white iPod and white iPods re shipped with iOS 5 and that is why they call it an iPod touch. But really it is just a white iPod touch 5g.

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