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Is there sunlight on Pluto?

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Yes and it is a tiny point of light so the sunlight is a little better than the full moon lighting up Earth.

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Yes. Pluto receives sunlight, but it is very weak, roughly 1500x less bright than sunlight on Earth or, conversely, roughly 250x more bright than a full moon on Earth.

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How much sunlight does Pluto have?

The sunlight reaching Pluto is about the magnitude of the full Moon.

Does Pluto get sunlight?


Why is it cold on Pluto?

It is cold on Pluto because Pluto has almost no atmosphere and very little sunlight.

Can plants photosynthesise on Pluto?

No. There has to be sunlight, water, and CO2 for plants to begin the process of photosynthesis. There is almost no sunlight on Pluto, and no air whatsoever.

How long does it take for sunlight to hit Pluto?


How fast does sunlight reach Pluto?

328 minutes.

How long does it take to sunlight to reach Pluto?

One year

How much sunlight does Pluto get?

Pluto is the coldest planet because the sun is so far away, that it cannot even be felt. So, it gets only 1/4000 the sunlight of earth.

How long does it take to get to Pluto from the sun?

It takes sunlight 5 hours and 40 minutes to reach Pluto (at the speed of light).

What kind of a creature could live on Pluto?

no creature. Pluto is an ice ball, basicly. the sun does not reach Pluto so it is very cold. All life needs sunlight, oxogen and water to live. there is none of that on Pluto.

Why is Pluto hot?

Pluto is very cold because it is so far from the Sun that it gets very little sunlight. It is -228 to -238 C.

What planet is bright in the night sky?

Venus. mars and just before sunlight Pluto

What would happen if you lived on Pluto?

you would FREEZE, suffocate and there would not be much sunlight

What would you need to survive on Pluto?

Water>shelter>oxygen>spacesuit>more sunlight

How lon gdoes it take ffpr sunlight to get from the sun to Pluto?

On Average, Probably 5 Hours Or More.. Because Pluto Is 2.939 Billion Miles Away From The Sun And The Sunlight Can Shine On Anything [ Except For The Milky-way Which Gave Birth Too The Atmosphere. ]

Does Pluto reflect sunlight?

Yes. Otherwise we would never have been able to see it though our telescopes.

Is Pluto black?

Look at some picture of Pluto. It doesn't look black to me, but if you were to go there personally, it might look black due to the low level of sunlight it receives.

How far from earth in Pluto in light minutes?

It takes light from the sun about 318 minutes (a little over five hours) to reach Pluto. It takes sunlight about 8 minutes to reach earth, which means Pluto us about 310 light minutes from the Earth.

Does Pluto the planet get little sun light?

Yes it does get sunlight but only a very very very small amount - a lot less than we have on earth so Pluto will be a very cold place.

Why did they name the dwarf planet Pluto?

Pluto is the roman god of darkness and the underworld. When discovered in 1930 the planet was named Pluto was inspired because it was then the most distant planet with little sunlight. Pluto has now been reclassified as a dwarf-class planet. There are presently four other dwarf planets, one larger with the name Eris.

Can Pluto have living people on the planet?

no because it is so far in the sun the temperature there is negative because there is no sunlight. it is impossible to live..

How long does sunlight take to get to Pluto?

Pluto averages 5,913,520,000 km away from the Sun. (Pluto has a highly elliptical orbit; sometimes it's longer, sometimes shorter.) Light travels at 300,000 km per second, so light takes 19712 seconds to get to Pluto. That's 5 hours, 28 1/2 minutes.

Why are Uranus Neptune and Pluto the coldest planets?

Because they are the furthest planets away from the sun, so they receive less sunlight for warmth.

Is Pluto a hot planet or cold planet?

Pluto is extremely cold, due to being so far from the Sun. It receives less than 1% of the sunlight energy that reaches Jupiter, which is itself a fraction of what Earth receives.

Would constellation look the same in Pluto?

Yes, the constellations would look exactly the same from Pluto, though because of the lower amount of sunlight, you'd be able to see stars during the day as well as night.