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It depends on the year and options. Which year model are you asking about? On the 1996-2000 cluster, there's a light between the tach and speedometer for the cruise control (if equipped).

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Q: Is there supposed to be a light between the tach and the speedometer?
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1994 Camry speedometer and tach not working?


Speedometer tach repair on 2004 trailblazer?

The speedometer doesn't work. It doesn't respond to the speed we are going.

Why does your tach work but not your speedometer on a 92 Jeep Wrangler?

Tach is driven by a motor signal, speedo is from the trans the sensor is bad on the transmission

Why does your speedometer tach drop to zero and your check engine light all come off and on repeatedly when driving.?

Have it checked for codes, the code will tell you what to diagnose.

Where does the blue wire connect from a sportster speedometer?

Blue wire is for a tach I believe

What does a flashing S light mean on a 1991 Honda Accord and is it related to the fact the speedometer does not work?

Transmission problem. Yes it is related to the speedometer not working. VSS sensor may be bad. Have the transmission computer scanned. I had a flshing s light for a long time, while my spedometer worked fine, the car had trouble starting. I replaced the main relay under the dash and haven't had a prob since. I had the same problem with my 91 accord turned out to be the alternator. The "S" light was malfunctioning along with the speedometer and Tach. While the light stayed on, the tach and speedo where intermittent problems.

Tach on a 66 beetle?

There isn't one, you shift by "feel" or by the red tick marks on your speedometer ,|,&.

Mazda b2500 tach works speedometer does not?

The Mazda tachometer and the speedometer have separate cables. The tachometer cable probably does not work properly. Change the tachometer cable.

Why would the speedometer tach temp and idiot lights quit on a 1994 hardbody?

Try changing the headlight switch.

Will the instrument cluster from a Prizm with a tach work in one that doesn't have a tach My speedometer quit working and I found a salvage one that has a tach Plug ins look identical?

For any of you who may have been watching this question, I'll give you the answer myself. The answer is YES. After purchasing the one with the factory tach and installing it, everything works like it should.

What could cause the speedometer and tachometer to fail on an 1984 Fiero SE and how would you fix it?

I'm not sure about the speedometer, but if the tach is not working a good bet would be the tach filter. With age, a wire often breaks off on these. Look in one of the service manuals to find location. The speedometer may have a similar sensor, but I'm not certain. Thanks! I will check out the book ASAP. Appreciate your answering.

What is wrong with a 95 Chevy truck when speedometer and tach doesn't work and transmission wont shift?

Check for a blown fuse.

Why did the speedometer odometer and tach quit working on a 1995 Silverado if replacing the speed sensor made no difference?

check the fuse panel

Do you use a tachometer and a speedometer to shift on a tractor trailer?

That's how you're taught - use the tach to determine when to shift, and the speedometer for recovery speed if you lose a gear. After a while, you get to the point where you know when to shift by the sound of the motor.

Where the tach on a Toyota Corolla 1995?

not all Toyota corolla's come with tachometers but if it has one it will be on the left side of the gauge panel next to the speedometer.

Why would the speedometer and tach stop working on a 1997 Buick LeSabre?

Check your fuses before anything else. Easiest and cheapest fix.

Where is turn signal flasher on 1998 western star?

there is a silver box behind the tach and speedometer that controls the flashers it is the brain of all electrical

What can be done to get the dash light working on a 2000 Chevy Prizm?

For lights behind the speedometer/tach warning light area, you have to take the screws out of the panel and then guide it out enough that you can twist it sideways and pull out the burned out bulbs. Replace with bulbs #194 and I would use the Long Life version of the bulbs.

What fuse controls the speedometer on a 2002 Chevy silverado?

It does not have a fuse, the speed sensor works the speed-o-meter \ \ I disagree, because the Radio fuse , in the fuse box under the hood will work the speedometer, Tach, and Message center

What are the symptoms of a bad pcm for 1998 Dodge Intrepid?

Tach and speedometer go on and off. Also sometimes during driving the security light on dash stays on constantly. Also it eventually starts and dies until it won't turn over anymore

How do you check oil level in 2006 BMW Z4?

In between the speedometer and tach, there are two buttons. Press the one on the right and the oil level is displayed. You can download the manual from the internet and the instructions can be found on page 88. Hope this helps.

Where is the fuse box on a 1985 Honda shadow 750?

The fuse box is located between the tach and the speedometer. under the cover above the dash . The main fuse is located under the left hand side cover in front of the battery.

Help fixing instrument panel light on 2003 Chevy silverado The light that illuminates the speedometer tach and fuel gauge is not working Any suggestions?

make sure that the dimmer hasn't been turned all the way off. if that's ok, pull the guage assembly and replace the bad bulb.

If you had a speedometer with a tachometer and you replaced it with a speedometer without a tachometer will it work?

it sure would work.. behind the dashboard are plugs for each function. one for tachometer, one for speedometer, fuel, water temp. ect.. if your new dash doesn't have a tachometer it will not interfere with the speedomet aspect of it. but you will not have a tach obviously. that sucks kid

How do you fix the speedometer on a 1996 Dodge Caravan when the tach and other gauges still work?

If it is an electric speedo it probably is the speed sensor and if it is a manal speedo it is the cable.