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Is there transport from LA to Orlando?

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There are about 533.497 miles between New Orleans, LA and Orlando, FL.

La Lakers beat the Orlando Magic 4-1

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No the Orlando magic lost the NBA finals, 4-1 game. the LA lakers winning 4 games first and the Orlando magic only winning one.- j

He lives in Haven in London and LA

New Orleans, LA (MSY) to Orlando, FL (ORL) Shortest Flight Duration: 1 hour 35 mins

The straight line distance from Ville Platte, LA to Orlando, FL is 671 miles. The driving distance between these cities is 771.5 miles.

Although Disneyland in Anaheim (LA) is a wonderful venue, DisneyWorld in Orlando far exceeds it in terms of size, scope, and variety. There are also many other similar venues neighbouring DisneyWorld in Orlando, making it a more popular vacation destination.

There is a long list of non emergency transport companies in Orlando,Florida. For example, there is DOR-SAR Patient Transport located at 1234 Virginia Dr,On Time Medical Transportation located at 600 W. Oak Ridge, and A Unity Transportation on 3542 Pine Ridge CT.

There are a number of different types of public transportation available in Orlando. One can use a taxi, bus and rail services when in Orlando. Cars can also be hired if one does not wish to use public transport.

It is 751.07 miles according to MapQuest.