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Is there two fuel pumps on a 1984 Chevy citation?


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are there 2 fuel pumps on a 1984 chevy citation

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on top of the gas tank. u have to drop the tank to get to it

On a 1982 Chevy Citation the fuel pump is mounted on the lower engine block.

fuel pumps whine when they are going bad

No, There is only one and it is inside of the fuel tank.

2.8L 2BL 1984 Chevy Celebrity The Fuel Fiter should be located in the coupling between the fuel line and the carburator.

Assuming this is a gas engine with one fuel tank, one.

It has 1 fuel pump in each fuel tank. Some trucks have duel tanks.

Electric, in tank.the fuel pumps have not been on the block for over 10 years

FlexFuel will be written on the vehicle somewhere if that vehicle is Flex Fuel.

AnswerThe fuel pump is IN THE FUEL TANK.there is a fuel pump hooked up inside the fuel pump along with the sending unit..

Up to late 1986 yes. After that year no.

My mechanic told me I have (2) gas tanks, and (2) fuel pumps. I know this cause I replaced (1) fuel pump already, the 2nd one just went out.

2 tanks 2 fuel pumps. each tank will haves it's own fuel pump. i just put 2 new tanks and fuel pumps in my 87 stepside.

By that time Chevy was pretty much using electric pumps that are located in the tank, itself.

First make sure the fuse to the fuel pump is good then pull the fuel supply line to the carb and turn the key on and see if fuel pumps out (note: make sure you have a bucket the catch the fuel.) If fuel pumps out, the fuel pump is fine, if not than it may be bad.

There is no reset switch for GM fuel pumps. What is the problem you are trying to solve? Stan

Chevy trucks did not use a RESET switch on there fuel pumps. You either have a bad fuel pump relay are fuse, It may be that the fuel pump has just quite. You did not say what year it was and I do no that Chevy had a problem with the wireing harness / connecter on the top of the fuel tank that would cause the pump to quite.

on the bottom of the car just below the hatch is.. on the very bottom of the car below the back THE FUEL pump in a 1984 300zx is inside the fuel tank. These factory fuel pumps are very good and almost indestructable.

16 or 20 gallon tanks were available on the 1984 c10

There isn't one. Chevy doesn't use inertial switches for their fuel pumps. There is a relay in the fuse box, but it's not "re-setable"

No. The fuel pumps changed in 1993 to a different design, from that point on the pump and sending unit were integrated into one unit. They will not interchange.

YES it is. GM had a problem with the fuel pumps making noise and still does.

the fuel pump is the thing that pumps the gas to the motor. the module is what controls the amount of fuel the pump puts out to the motor.

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