Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum

Is there two worlds on Pokemon diamond?

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If you mean Pokemon Regions then the answer is no! There are only 4 games with 2 regions and that's Pokemon: Gold, Silver, Heart Gold and Soul Silver!

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"Is there a Pokemon that has the ability shadow tag in Pokemon diamond?"Yes. The two Pokemon that have the ability shadow tag in ppokemon diamond are wynaut and wobbuffet.

dude you can't. not even with an action replay

The name of the 3rd Episode in Diamond and Pearl was called "When Pokémon Worlds Collide!"

The Pokemon that is number two in the National Pokedex is ivysaur.

Have two Nintendo DS one have the Pokemon Ranger and one with the Pokemon Diamond. Then go to check egg. Then you have it.

No. The game you are asking about is actually two games! Yeah. Pokemon Diamond. And Pokemon Pearl. Why do you think they put a slash between the "diamond" and the "pearl"?

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Two legendary Pokemon from Pokemon diamond, pearl and platinum.

two Pokemon of the same kind in the daycare or ditto and any Pokemon

snow point temple. two rare Pokemon

you cant be a Pokemon in Pokemon diamond

using two ds consoles and two diamond games on them. <[his]. [mine]> i hate it it takes all your money.

She is not in Pokemon diamond.

You have to trade it from Diamond and Pearl.all you have to do is simply trade it to pokemon diamond,pearl or platinum but you need two ds's and two of the games i listed above.

There is no Pokemon temple! There is such thing as Pokemon diamond.

By having a friend that has Pokemon Platinum version trade two Pokemon that are holding them with you.

There is two ways you can get tyranatar in Pokemon diamond. One way is you can trade with some one else, or you can migrate it from your gameboy game.

Do you mean trade from Diamond to Platinum?? If so, you need two ds's and a copy of each, sorry bad answer.

You can't catch Mewtwo in-game in Pokemon Diamond.

Chingling is the 47th Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond.

Pokemon 134 is Finneon in diamond

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You can not get dark Pokemon on Pokemon diamond and pearl