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Is there water on the sun?



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The answer is no.

There are two reasons.

One is that the Sun does not have a solid surface. As a star the Sun is a ball of hot gas, not a solid object like a planet eg the Earth.

The second reason is that the Sun is too hot for water to exist, certainly as a liquid. The temperature at what appears to be the 'surface' of the Sun is about 6000 oC. Water boils at 100 oC!



Water exists on the sun. Studies by an international team of scientists recorded evidence of water, in the form of vapor or steam in the suns dark sunspots. At a mere 4,760 degrees F - 5,300 degrees F, the darkest part of a sunspot is one of the coldest areas of the sun's surface. At temperatures higher than 8,540 degrees F, water becomes unstable and splits into oxygen and hydrogen.

See: So, Now you know... by Harry Bright and Harlan Briscoe