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The sentence is a declarative sentence, a sentence making a statement.

The adjective in the sentence is 'high' describing the noun 'kick'. The word 'very' is used as an adverb to modify the adjective 'high'.


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There is no predicate adjective in that sentence. In order for a sentence to have a predicate adjective, the verb must be a linking verb. Example: Mary is happy. ("is" is a linking verb, and "happy" is a predicate adjective) In the sentence "Your sister Mary teaches math and physical education at the high school", the verb (teaches) is transitive (a type of action verb that takes a direct object).

The sentence should be hyphenated thus: 'It is the highest-grossing movie of the year.' The adjective is 'highest-grossing' - the superlative form of 'high-grossing'.

My mother always wants to encourage me in everything I do.My coach encouraged me to do the high jump in gymnastics.-hope this helps! :)

Freaky , chic and fly Monster High, where student bodies lie.

The word high is an adjective, although also a noun. Used before a noun, it is an adjective, as in "high valley" or "high walls."

Depending on how it is used, high can be an adjective or an adverb.Adjective: Gas price are too high.Adverb: She aims high in her goals.

The tsunami had a high fatality rate.

The airplane was flying at a very high altitude.

Here is how to use high as an Adjective: The high kite fell to the ground.

decathlon, high bar (gymnastics), stationary rings (gymnastics)

He will boast about the high cost of his new house.

The president has many retinues of high importance

Car enthusiasts modify their vehicles with special, high-performance parts. The adjective 'special' in the above sentence is used to modify the noun 'parts'.

High is an adjective.

The word high *is* an adjective. It usually refers to a substantial but unspecified height.

He said in an interview that he did gymnastics in college after injuring his knee in high school wrestling.

The word "unmanageable" is an adjective meaning "difficult to control." i.e. "The high humidity rendered my hair unmanageable"

For Girl Gymnastics Its Uneven Bars, Beam, Floor, And VaultFor Guy Gymnastics its, High Bar, Floor, Vault, Parallel Bars, And Pommel Horse.

This chemical has a very high flammability, therefore, we should avoid it.

The indices of deprivation are high with associated poor health.

I have an answer,The squelch on my Citizen Band radio is set to high.

Example sentences:We were geared up to climb the high peaks.the adjective 'high' describes the noun 'peaks'Gasoline prices are at an all time high.the noun 'gasoline' is an attributive noun which describes the noun 'prices'The noun 'prices' is the subject of the sentence.the noun 'high' is the object of the preposition 'at'.

The boy events in gymnastics are floor, pommel, high bar, rings, parallel bars, and vault.

Women's Gymnastics: Floor, Balance Beam, uneven Bars, Vault Men's Gymnastics: Rings, Pommel Horse, Floor, High bar.

No, height is a noun. The adjective form is "high."

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