Is this answered by a machine?

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No. The questions on WikiAnswers are answered by humans, visitors to the site.

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Q: Is this answered by a machine?
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What do you call a person who is going to be answered?

An answering machine.

What is the value of a 1946 sewing machine?

Before that can be answered, we would need to know the make and model of the sewing machine.

Working principle of cloth washing machine?

washing machine works based on the centrifugation principle....... hope i answered correctly

What type of simple machine is a flagpole?

pulley and Alonte' Gilstrap answered this question.

Is there any association of magnetic field with time machine?

No one has invented a real time machine yet, so this question cannot be answered.

Short story in the trurl's machine?

It's about an inventor named Trurl and he invented a thinking machine. Trurl always asks what two plus two is to the machine, and the machine always answered four. But one day the machine answered seven, and Trurl got really mad and said it was stupid. Then the machine tries to kill him and his friend, so they hide in a cave but eventually the machine dies. When it died Trurl said that two plus two was four at first, but then said seven.

Does someone answer these questions personally?

Yes indeed! Every answer is answered by someone that is a real live person using a computer. We do not have bots that answer, so your question has been answered by a real person, not a machine.

Is a washer machine considered a cube?

Yes because it has vertex,faces,and edges just like a cube has. I hoped I answered this right

What are the precautionary measures in handling a simple machine?

The precautionary measures in handling a simple machine can be found in the instructions. Any questions can be answered by calling the customer service number provided. All machines should be handled with care.

What is a Kenmore Model 158.331 sewing machine worth. Also says Model 2142 on it.?

Found the question answered here already. Thanks anyway!

How many bullets can knock down a tree with a machine gun?

The question can't be answered as asked. How big/thick is the tree? What kind of tree? What caliber machine gun? What are the specifications of the cartridge being fired? Even with that information, it will be hard to answer.

How does machine guns affect society?

They do not affect society directly. All firearms have some effect, but your question is so broad that it cannot be directly answered. Sorry-

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