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hi no not normal as i found out this is telling you that your barrel is on way out and will just give up won day sory mate

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Is this normal that the ignition key spinn before starting the BMW 235 i 1995?

It is not normal because that is a common ignition failure. This is can be caused by a broken lock pin in cylinder assembly.

Who sings bounce and break yo back?

Dj Spinn sang it.

Who is responsibal for the oil spill of 2010?

British petrouleum industry is responsible for the major oil spinn in the coast

What has the author Rita Kay Spinn written?

Rita Kay Spinn has written: 'SATISFACTION WITH RESIDENCY, SENSE OF WELL-BEING, PERCEPTION OF SOCIAL SUPPORT, AND SELECTED DEMOGRAPHICS AS DETERMINANTS OF LONELINESS IN ELDERLY NURSING HOME RESIDENTS' -- subject(s): Gerontology, Health Sciences, Mental Health, Health Sciences, Nursing, Mental Health Health Sciences, Nursing Health Sciences

How do you tell if an axleis bent?

how to find out if your axels are bent lift the vehicle off the ground ,,,now try too spinn the tire.....if you get a grinding noise you might have no berrings

When did the first season of ncis begin?

Its first season started in September of 2003. but it was a spinn off of JAG the 2 episodes NCIS was In was Meltdown and Ice Queen season 8 episode 20 and 21 I think.

How do you levitate a card?

you take a pice of majic wax and put it on the end of some thred. tape the other end to your ere. put the majic wax side on a card then all you need to do is spinn the card with the thred inbwtween your fingers and there you have it

Why does electron revolve?

Spinning or revolving is really just a model, a wy of explaining the phenomenon. It could be that the particles do not in fact spin as a top or ball at all it is just convenient way to explain behavior. As waves in the electromagnetic fields, electrons do not spinn!

Why non-metal things don't attract to magnets?

There are very few non metallic materials that are magnetic or para-magnetic (attracted to magnets). The primary reason is that the outer electrons need to all spin or be able to spinn in the same direction. Only metals have appropriate electrons. That is why they are called metals.

How artificial gravity is produced?

Artificial Gravity is created by producing a spinn Motion (Motion about its own axis) of any Object e.g Artificial Satellite, at fixed frequency. This frequency is given by :f=1/2(g/R) 1/2Report the following images as offensive. Confirm CancelThank you for the feedback.

How much horsepower at the flywheel?

depends what type of car you have and how many amps yor battery puts out along with the starter. all the fly wheel does is when the starter engages the fly wheel turns from the starter. once the car is started the fly wheel goes along with the motors rpms the faster or more rpms the car is putting out the faster it will spinn.

What actors and actresses appeared in Verteufelte Zeiten - 1968?

The cast of Verteufelte Zeiten - 1968 includes: Edgar Bessen as Bauer Heiko Herkens Ernst Grabbe as Fred Hillmer, der Gendarm Heidi Kabel as Magd Taline Henry Vahl as Jan Spinn, der Knecht Gisela Wessel as Helga, seine Tochter

What are the three weather conditions under which a tropical cyclone usually develops?

Three weather conditions under which a tropical cyclone usually developes are?1. Strong or High winds2. Mid- 70's or mid 80's3. very cloudy--"What are the three weather conditions under which tropical cyclone usually develop Warm Moist Air of ocean : atleast 27 C Corioli effect , winds to spinn it low pressure area

How does compresser works?

Allmost just like the turbo the difference is that the compresser is driven by a belt this means that the compresser uses power from the engine to work. The compresser consists (easy explained) by two turbins, turbine nr 1 in driven by a belt when the engine is on turbine nr 1 starts to spin because turbine nr 2 is connected to turbine nr 1 it also starts to spinn, when turbine nr 2 is spinning it sucks in air from the athmosphere and pushes it in to the engine this gives the engine an overflow of air to compensate this the engine is given more fuel more fuel+air= more power. Why use a compresser? A compresser is on all the time the engine is on this results in a powergain all the time the engine is on The turbo only works at pregiven rpm this results in a powergain only when the engine revs at the choosen rpm Sorry for the bad english, i live in sweden. Hope that answers your question

How do you vomit?

The usual mechanism is that the muscles of your lower abdomen all flex at once, squeezing the stomach tightly and forcing the contents back up the esophagus.There are several ways to trigger this reaction. Real anorexics either stick a finger far back in their mouth, or learn to vomit at will. For many people the finger or spoon in the throat will cause gagging and not vomiting.Hanging upside down will cause many people to vomit.Certain mild toxins will cause vomiting, including ipecac.Excessive air in the stomach can cause vomiting. The air can be forced in through the esophagus or it can come from carbonated drinks taken in too quickly.Motion sickness can cause vomiting. Eat a big breakfast on go out on a charter boat through the Golden Gate as the tide runs out. That gives about a 96% chance of barfing; I know this personally as I watched every other person on the charter boat upchuck with me the lone exception.i think you touch the uvula, and then you gag, and then you vomiti think...:/Or.. you can have a whole toad of vinegar, but drink PLENTY of water aswell, go to the toilet, spinn around, stick finger down throat.OR... you can drink wine & smoke cigarettes ;)Or you could Mary a 1000 year old lady and have babysor you can mix together the following 3tbls of mustard 1c of vinegar 5tsp of garlic salt 1c of ketchup and 1/2 a c of tuna drink it spin in a circle 7 times and then youll vomit and get really sick i don't recommend doing this

What movie and television projects has Henry Vahl been in?

Henry Vahl has: Performed in "Der Maulkorb" in 1958. Played Professor Bildt in "Stahlnetz" in 1958. Played 1. Volksbeauftragter in "Die begnadete Angst" in 1958. Played Geselle Matten in "Meister Anecker" in 1958. Played Joshua Webmann in "Der Engel, der seine Harfe versetzte" in 1959. Played Johann Jungnickel in "Das Herrschaftskind" in 1959. Played Professor - ehemal. Lehrer von Buchsbaum in "Ein Mann geht durch die Wand" in 1959. Performed in "Toter gesucht" in 1960. Played Opa in "Opa wird verkauft" in 1961. Played Singer in "Musik aus Studio B" in 1961. Performed in "Am Abend ins Odeon" in 1961. Played Taxifahrer in "Unser Haus in Kamerun" in 1961. Performed in "Haifischbar" in 1962. Played himself in "Haifischbar" in 1962. Played Zigeuner in "Annoncentheater - Ein Abendprogramm des deutschen Fernsehens im Jahre 1776" in 1962. Played Ewald Brummer in "Tratsch im Treppenhaus" in 1962. Played Mr. Peterson in "Schneewittchen und die sieben Gaukler" in 1962. Played Ahlert Arntjen in "De dolle deern" in 1962. Played Vater Philipp in "Vater Philipp" in 1963. Played himself in "Zwischenmahlzeit" in 1963. Performed in "Zwischenmahlzeit" in 1963. Played Opa Vock in "Mutter steht ihren Mann" in 1963. Performed in "Haus Moorfrieden" in 1964. Played Singer in "Die Drehscheibe" in 1964. Played Grenzbeamter in "Die Rudi Carrell Show" in 1965. Played Schmittchen in "Unsterblichkeit mit Marschmusik" in 1965. Played himself in "Die Rudi Carrell Show" in 1965. Played Altgeselle Matten in "Meister Anecker" in 1965. Played Fide Sprott in "Kein Auskommen mit dem Einkommen" in 1966. Played Opa in "Polizeifunk ruft" in 1966. Performed in "Volpone oder Der Fuchs" in 1966. Played Opa Stockmann in "Landarzt Dr. Brock" in 1967. Played Herr Babbel, Hauswirt in "Und oben wohnen Engels" in 1967. Performed in "Dreizehn Briefe" in 1967. Played Justizwachtmeister in "Die Kartenlegerin" in 1968. Played Jan Spinn, der Knecht in "Verteufelte Zeiten" in 1968. Played Christoph in "Otto und die nackte Welle" in 1968. Performed in "Garden-Party" in 1969. Performed in "Frei nach Mark Twain" in 1971. Played Opa Hansen in "Unser Willi ist der Beste" in 1971. Played Brodersen in "Und der Regen verwischt jede Spur" in 1972. Played Ferdl in "Die lustigen Vier von der Tankstelle" in 1972.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Will Edwards Show - 2012?

The cast of The Will Edwards Show - 2012 includes: Lysander Abadia as Himself - Guest Elmer Abapo as Himself - Musical Guest Brandon Alan McClenahan as Himself - Guest The All Togethers as Themselves - Musical Guest Drew Anthony as Himself - Guest Jinxemgood as Himself - Musical Guest Ekoh as Himself - Musical Guest Megan Barker as Herself - Musical Guest Joshua Bledsoe as Himself - Musical Guest Leather Bound Crooks as Themselves - Musical Guest Kristef Brothers as Themselves - Guests Jennifer Burkart as Herself - Guest Katy Cappella as Herself - Musical Guest Trent Carlini as Himself - Guest Kc Christon as Himself - Guest Jeff Civillico as Himself - Guest Tricia Costello as Herself - Special Guest Chelsea Crews as Herself - Co-Host Sandra Danielle as Herself - Musical Guest Scott David Johnson as Himself - Co-Host Shaun DeGraff as Himself - Musical Guest Nathan Ferrier as Himself - Co-Host Cheaza Figueroa as Herself - Guest Cheaza Figueroa as Herself - Musical Guest Play For Keeps as Themselves - Musical Guest April Fried as Herself - Guest Seth Grabel as Himself - Guest Red Grooves as Himself - Musical Guest Roxy Gunn as Themselves - Musical Guest Irving Harrell as Himself - Guest Sabriel Hobart as Herself - Musical Guest Bounty Hunters Brothers as Himself - Musical Guest Marisa Johnson as Herself - Musical Guest Kalsey Kulyk as Herself - Musical Guest Maxim Lardent as Himself - Guest Benjamin Loewy as Himself - Guest Adam London as Himself - Guest Adriane McLean as Online Dater Jeff Mitchum as Himself - Guest Jeff Mix as Themselves - Musical Guest Jefferson Montoya as Himself - Musical Guest Patti Novak as Herself - Guest Emaan Omega as Himself - Musical Guest Jeremy Ornelas as Himself - Guest Garrett Pattiani as Himself - Guest Jon Paul Raniola as Himself - Co-Host Jesse Pino as Himself - Musical Guest Angel Porrino as herself Sam Ratcliff as Herself - Guest Tammy Shaw as Herself - Guest Mark Shunock as Himself - Guest Hope Spinn as Herself - Musical Guest Chef Sterling Burpee as Himself - Guest Chef Steve Piamchuntar as Himself - Guest Derek Stonebarger as Himself - Guest Shayma Tash as Herself - Guest The Terrible Figures as Themselves - Musical Guest Rhayne Thomas as Herself - Guest Danny Vegas as Himself - Guest Beni Velazquez as Himself - Guest Penny Wiggins as Herself - Celebrity Co-Host

Is the spectrum of ionized helium the same as spectrum of hydrogen?

Yes the spectrum for the helium and hydrogen are arbitrarily the same at the zeros point or ground state of a Hydrogen atom the 1st of the 4 modalities of the standard model is what physics practitioners infer zwitterion in chemistry a zwitterion is a quadra polarization held in suspense as to say vehemently as an engine idols awaiting to accelerate into momentum momentarily from the ground state hydro atomic neutrality in static equilibrium or zero point called inertia ( 92% of universe ) the zwitterion ( German word that means hermaphrodite ) analogous to haploid = single cell or mono atomic locomotive unit of force called the operators ) haploid is a sex cell or “”gamit”” (sperm) H. Ploidy = chromatic sets in the nuclei ( nobil gas spectrum) the quark color forces of the nobility noted of the existence of the light metals or platinum group. If we take the nucleus of a cell in observance it would be filled with sets of Gamits=diploids aka dipoles or zwitterion = a dianion ( 2 ion of -2 charged) and a dication ( +2 ion + charg) together are a quadrapple that is a double dipole held in its isoeclectro static state at this point the helium and hydrogen are one spectrum Helium is the super fluid center of a nuclear center and the spectrum of the hydrogen and helium are the same depending their energy state of the 4 modalities of atomic force. When a zwitterion is set into motion they are Bi directional in propergational wave A given medium ( body of fluids ) the continuous spectrum is the heating of an object with incandescent light ( visible spectrum ) heating an object like earth metals until it’s glowing it’s thermal permeability as a infrared frequency which emits “”continuous spectrum “ ( ie full spectra line reflecting entire rainbow from “ red/ bass tone/ infrasonic - violets frequencies Heating an object until it incandescent can achieve full continuous spectrum. Why? Because the “mono atomic orbitals ( dipoles of ions) of a molecular compounding of any object or body when heated will absor ( building potentials in cell as energy conservation) and give it all its energy in the form of illumination as co2 diffuse and hydrogen carbon seeks its ground state. The illumination is full spectrum as it defuse. glison= H ion is the nucleus of Hydrogen or better said helium super fluid center with bi latterly alignment of 2 unimpeded spinn orbitals who’s opposite spin at the same coherence are held in equalibrium or neutral as the universe fiel of electric static ( cosmic background ) when a strong enough force ( atomic pressur wave ie. Mechanical wave ) break the valence bond in our Hydrosphere of the oxygen-hydrogen resulting in a “Hydroelectric oxide or hydroxide ( oH- charged ) and hydronium ( H3o + charge) The hydrogen nucleus of hydronium ion travels along water molecules by the “”grothuss machnism ( ie protons jumping) inturn the compoundino of mass ( helium proton nucleus increase size as neutron change electronic charges ( depending amount). The helium is the fluid inside and hydrogen is its hemihedral conjugate spinning backwards 1% faster than the speed of light these two are one bi lateral align locomotives of nuclear energy as strong and weak force ie centripetal and centrifugal push and pulling forces of all exiting things of animation a thing heated to an incandescent glow when cooling emits it’s spectrum in ultraviolet

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