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Q: Is this sentence correct Fifteen team members qualified for the playoffs and they all participated in the tournament.?
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What is a sentence for the word tournament?

Lancelot, did you win the tournament?

What is a sentence using the word tournament?

There is going to be a tournament tonight. The tournament game is tomorrow. We have a tournament game Saturday.

Can you use tournament in a sentence?

"Paul went off to his golf tournament"

The pirates and I are headed for the playoffs Is this a correct sentence?

Yes it is.

How can you use the word qualified in a sentence?

The woman qualified for becoming a nurse.

How can you use qualified in a sentence?

Are you qualified to take this exam?I am qualified to take the regentsAre you qualified to take the CIG test

How can you use the word playoff in a sentence?

the lakers went to the playoffs.

Is the sentence correctly each of the programmers are qualified for this project?

Each of the programmers is qualified for this project

How can you use the word tournament in a sentence?

The king held a jousting tournament to find a worthy knight to protect the princess.

What is a sentence with the word 'incest'?

James participated in incest with his little sister.

Can you use the word Paralympics in a sentence?

i participated many paralympic before

What is a sentence using the word semifinal?

Example sentence - She made it to the semifinal rounds of the golf tournament.