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No it not a sentence its a run on sentence.

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2012-10-09 18:29:24
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Q: Is this sentence were would man that a you rich right?
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How would you use 'owner' in a sentence?

The owner of the company was a very rich man.

How would you use industrialization in a sentence?

That stock broker his industrious, he will definitely become a rich man.

What is a good sentence using the word rich?

the man waring a black coa tlooks realy rich or the man was veary rich he had thouosods of pices of gold in his bocet

How do you put greedy in a sentence?

You describe who is greedy. (the old man was very rich and greedy)

Who would highway man rob?

a highway man would rob the rich as the rich are the people he would hearso he would jump out and rob themhe would not rob the poor as they would be no use

How would you use the word impersonate in a sentence?

Rich Little is the easiest man to impersonate. Since he does so many different voices, any voice you do, you can claim is his.

What is the indirect object in the sentence He gave man a better lighting?

Man. If the sentence is He gave a man or He gave the man a better lighting it would be man.

How do use the word delusion in a sentence?

He had delusions that he was going to become a rich man without doing anything.

How do you use the words masquerade and overt in a sentence?

His masquerade as a rich man was so overt that he fooled nobody.

Was Sam Watkins correct in saying that the Civil War was a rich man's war and a poor man's right?


What are the nouns in this sentence Andrew Carnegie a very rich man and a great philanthropist was the son of a linen weaver?

The nouns in the sentence are:Andrew Carnegiemanphilanthropistsonlinen weaver.

What are the nouns pronouns and adjectives in this sentence you keep mine on a bookshelf your dad and you built?

A rich man with richness of thoughts

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