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Not a sign of labour, but things are certainly starting to get ready. good luck

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Q: Is tightening in the vagina area a sign of labor when you are almost 39 weeks pregnant also along with lower back pain?
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Can you get pregnant if your wearing a thong and your boyfriend rubs his penis along your vagina but does not insert it?


How Far Along His Hilary Duff pregnant?

I watched something on Youtube and i think it's almost five months months along.

How can a doctor know your pregnant by put their finger in the vagina?

Depends on how far along you are, The dr is feeling for swelling in the uterus a good indicator of pregnancy.

Can a girl get pregnant if she swallows your sperm?

No a woman can not get pregnant from swallowing sperm. sperm needs to enter the vagina to get to the fallopian tubes it is the only way. Any sperm that is swallowed is simply digested along with what you had for diner.

Not sure if pregnant only done heavy petting but now there is movement in stomach is it gas or what?

It's gas. When you get pregnant, you can not feel movement until about four months along. You would probably have other symptoms, like you breasts would get bigger and hurt. Sperm has to enter your vagina in order to get pregnant.

Can you go on a tractor ride while pregnant?

I ride along with my boyfriend every weekend. I am almost 19 weeks now. No issues here!

Do you get pregnant every time sperm enters the vagina?

No. Pregnancy does not occur every time sperm enters the vagina, but only when there is at least one fertile egg is present along with the sperm. It all depends. If you're on the pill, the chance is little and sperm has to reach the eggs and there has to be penetration.

Can you be pregnant and still have a period and why is that?

Truthfully you're not supposed to but my friend had one for 5 months and finally missed a period went to the dr and found out she was almost 6 months along and her baby is now a happy & healthy 3 almost 4 year old

Is it normal for your pregnant mare to not want to leave the barn in the final days?

Yes. The further along a mare is the less she will want to move around and travel. Just as if a human pregnant and almost due. It isn't abnormal at all.

At age 8 is your vagina fully grown?

No your vagina continues to grow and mature along with the rest of your body until you are through with puberty.

How fair along do you have to be pregnant for a test show you are not pregnant?

About 2 weeks.

Which part of the body of a girl get decrease along with increase age?

the vagina

What is land lying along a body of water?

A big hairy vagina

Can you become pregnant when you are not ejaculated inside or close to the vagina?

Yes, it only takes one sperm. And if some of his sperm managed to make its way inside your vagina, you could be pregnant. But if you are sure he never ejaculated anywhere close to your vagina then you are not pregnant. You sound young and the best way not to get pregnant is not to have sex or be pressured into it. Men need sex more than most women and they will try like crazy and tell you anything to get it from you. If you do have sex then get birth control and make him use a latex condom. The fastest way to find out if he really loves you is to stop the sex and see how he acts towards you. Best of luck and save it for the real love of your life when he comes along. Take care, Jean

Can a girl get pregnant if the condom rips inside?

Yes, condom rips can let the sperm into the vagina, through the cervix and into the uterus where sperm can meet the egg. You should use a condom along with spermicide.

When you are pregnant how many months are you along to have the baby kick?

About 5 months along.

2 negative pregnancy tests having a few pregnancy symptoms along with abdominal movements I am on Mirena and I haven't had a period in almost 2 yrs can I be pregnant?

your not suppose to get your period when your on that

When you are pregnant does the inside of your vagina feel different?

My husband said he knew I was pregnant because he could feel a change in my vagina inside when we had intercourse. He said the texture of the vaginal walls felt different. He couldn't really explain it to me, but I believed him. He knew I was pregnant before I did because of this change. I was two months along and still trying to turn a pee stick, I would say yes it does change due to hormone fluctuations and changes. He never complained about it, just merely that it was different. Good luck.

What is the difference in breaking torque and tightening torque?

Breakaway torque is the torque required to start the initial movement, in the loosening direction, of a bolt, screw, or nut from its (non−loaded) at rest position with the locking element engaged. Tightening torque is the torque necessary to move the bolt, screw, or nut along its threaded length in the tightening direction.

You have many red sores on your vagina along with two random sores on your legs you noticed the bumps on your vagina after shaving What could it be?

stop shaving temporarily and then see where it goes from there.... the bumps on your legs may have nothing to do with your vagina bumps.

How far along do you have to be when pregnant to have your first scan?

It's normally around 12 weeks pregnant

Do synyster gates and zacky vengance get along?

yes they get along their almost like brothers

Condom coming off?

This is dangerous as along with the condom semen and the sperm may fall in the vagina.

Why does a girl get a period?

The girls Vagina releases an egg around every month and if the girl doesnt have unprotected sex and the sperm does not fertilise the egg then the egg is discharged along with the unneccassery vagina lining and out the vagina. Hope it helped ya :) x x

What is a good exercise to do when you are pregnant?

walking along the seashore with your barefeet..