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Q: Is tire tration on very cold ice not as stable as tire traction at warmer temps?
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Why do the leave decay more in the winter than the summer?

Because of the warmer tempatures decay is mostly a chemical reaction and all chemical reactions are accellerated by warmer temps

Why The leaves decay more quickly in summer than in winter?

Because of the warmer tempatures decay is mostly a chemical reaction and all chemical reactions are accellerated by warmer temps

What temperature should office air conditioning be set at?

If you have to dress professional then the temp should be at 74 to 76. If you dont require your employees to wear professional dress you can make it warmer. However, warmer temps also allow bacteria to grow, which is why the cooler temps are the all around fixer, though the cost is what most businesses look at.

Do temps get colder or warmer near the equator?

temperatures get warmer as you get near the equator due to the closer the equator is to the sun than the poles. Usually as you get to the equator the weather becomes more tropical and humid but it is still warm.

What temps do tornadoes happen?

There are no specific temperatures at which a tornado occurs. They typically occur with temps in the 60s and 70s, but can occur at warmer or much cooler temps. The main aspect is not what the temperature is, but how much instability (availability for rising air) and wind shear (change in wind direction and speed with height in the atmosphere) is present.

Does heat affect paramecium?

Yes. Paramecium are known to increase their speed of movement and arousal levels and agitation is increased. Paramecium also will move within warmer temperatures comfortably and even more towards warmer temps.

How cold is the inside of a fridge?

The inside of a fridge is typically kept at around 37-40 degrees Fahrenheit (2-4 degrees Celsius) to keep food fresh and prevent bacterial growth. This temperature range is considered ideal for storing most perishable items.

Are infrared rays absorbed by the ozone layer which protects the earth?

Far infrared rays are, corresponding to lower temperatures, but not near infrared which corresponds to warmer temps.

List compounds of argon?

There is only one that has been formed, though others are predicted.argon fluorohydride (HArF) is only stable at temps below 40K.

Why is it warmer near the coastline?

It isn't really all that much cooler. On cool nights it can be, because ocean breeze carries moisture which feels cold in cool temps.

What oil is used in a 1974 Sportster?

20W50 designed for an air cooled engine would be the norm. However, straight 50W or even 60W would be OK in warmer temps.

Why does milk remain unspoiled for two weeks when refrigerated but turns sour when left at a room temperature after a couple of days?

Fridge temp is around 44 F, much lower than room temp. Spoilage occurs much more rapidly in warmer temps than in cooler temps.