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Is titanium a semimetal?


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No, titanium is a metal.


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Yes. It is a semimetal.

Nitrogen is not a semimetal.

No it is a metal. Not a semimetal. A semimeatal is in between metal and nonmetal.

A semimetal has the properties of both a metal and a nonmetal. They are also called metalloids.

sodium is a metal; silicon is a semimetal (metalloid); helium and sulfur are non metals

no its not. Antimony is a pure element. Antimony is also a semimetal. (Semimetal is a class of elements.) You can find out more about Antimony here. Antimony:

semimetal, nonmetal, and metalloid

Sb is the element antimony, a toxic semimetal.

the electronegativity for titanium is 1.5 the electronegativity for titanium is 1.5 the electronegativity for titanium is 1.5 the electronegativity for titanium is 1.5

what does titanium does? what does titanium does?

The latin name for Titanium is Titanium. The Czech name for Titanium is Titan.

TiS for titanium sulfide (titanium(II) sulfide) and TiS2 for titanium disulfide (titanium(IV) sulfide)

The name of titanium ore is titanium.

Titanium is an element, so its "ingredients" are: titanium.

the varying ability to conduct electric current

The most common semi metal known is silicon. <(*_*)>

Titanium is made in to lots of things like jewelry, titanium metal gifts, titanium material, & titanium parts. So, see there a lot of different stuff from titanium. :)

Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) is a compound containing the Element, Titanium (Ti) and Oxygen (O)

Titanium reacts with oxygen to form titanium oxide.

Zinc does not react with titanium but it could be alloyed with titanium.

No. Titanium is an element.

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