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a tooth is concidered a bone!

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Q: Is tooth consider as a bone?
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What is the difference between a tooth and a bone?

Tooth is bone....

Is a tooth considered bone?

A tooth isn't just considered bone - it is bone.

Which is hard thigh bone or tooth?

these are two different elements, thigh bone is "bone" and a tooth is enamel

What bone protects the teeth?

the tooth bone

Which bone is harder thigh bone or tooth?

thigh bone

Is tooth a bone?


3 types of articulation?

Bone to bone Bone to cartilage Tooth in Bone

What joint is between the tooth and the jaw?

Gomphosis. It is the only type of joint that doesn't bind bone to bone but instead the bone to tooth.

What is hardest bone or tooth enamel?

Tooth enamel

What is the chemical compound of a tooth?

your tooth is made of enamel and bone so what ever the bone is made of and enamel is the answer

Is a tooth a bone?


Is the tooth an organism?

no it is a bone.

How is a basic tooth extraction done?

An instrument called an elevator is used to loosen (luxate) the tooth, widen the space in the bone, and break the tiny elastic fibers that attach the tooth to the bone. Once the tooth is dislocated from the bone, it can be lifted and removed with forceps.

What layer of tooth is harder then bone?

The crown is harder then a bone.

Where do you get a bone in shark tooth?

in the cave.

What material is similar to that of a tooth?

a bone

What attaches tooth to the bone?


Bone left behind after wisdom tooth extraction?

The jaw bone.

Where is the bone in the underground ruins on shark tooth island?

it is under the big tooth

How is a tooth attached to the bone of the jaw?

The root ot a tooth is attached to an alevouls (socket in the jaw bone) as follows: Dentin (from the tooth) attaches to a substance called cementum; cementum attaches to a periodontal ligament; the ligament attaches to the jaw bone

Is bone the hardest structure in the body?

Tooth enamel is harder than bone.

Tooth is the strongest bone in human body?

No, the femur or thigh bone is the strongest bone in the human body.

Portion of tooth embedded in bone?


Portion of the tooth embedded in the bone?


Portion of the tooth embedded in bone?