Is tooth consider as a bone?

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a tooth is concidered a bone!
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Are teeth considered bones?

No. Technically, teeth aren't bones nor made of bone. They are made of multiple tissues of varying densities.

Are human bones considered artifacts?

Answer One . Yes. Archaeologically an artefact is considered a portable, humanly modified object. throughout our lives our lifestyle, environment and diet have an affect on our skeleton and so through these processes human bones can be considered artefacts . Answer Two . No, not typically ( Full Answer )

Is bone considered an organ?

ANSWER: Bones ARE considered organs. They are the organs of the Skeletal system. A definition of an organ is a specialized group of cells and tissues and performing some specific function in an organism. Bones lie within the muscles and other soft tissues, providing a rigid framework and support ( Full Answer )

How do you get the bone on shark tooth island?

Get the translation page from the roof of the ruins, and spell "open" to enter the underground door. The bone is beneath the spiked walls, so you will have to climb back up past the fast-moving worm. (The bat character will also tell you about the creature bone.) (There is a sign that says "Dinos ( Full Answer )

Where is the bone in shark tooth island?

The bone is deep in the cave with those purple eyes. You have to get past that stupid catepillar, then agter that you will come across two sets of spikes. on the second set you must fall down. then find another way up and you will find the key ingrediant.

Are bones considered to be an organ of the body?

Yes. The definition of an organ is: a structure that contains at least two different types of tissue functioning together for a common purpose. The skeletal system contains organs such as bones, cartilage, ligaments and tendons which are all used to facilitate mobility and for the overall structural ( Full Answer )

Where is the bone on Shark Tooth Island?

The bone is in the middle chamber of the underground ruins. It is at the bottom of the hole with spikes down the sides, and just left of the statue with the giant centipede. (see related question) It's in the temple. There's a huge shark statue inside with a big bug crawling on it (you have to avoi ( Full Answer )

What to do with the bone from the ruins on Shark Tooth Island?

Along with the coconut milk and the green Key Ingredient, the bone is used to make a sleeping potion for the giant shark (Booga) that menaces the island. Get a grass skirt from the bay before bringing the ingredients to the medicine man. (see related questions)

What do you do with the bone on shark tooth island?

The bone is one of the three ingredients to a potion that will stop the giant shark, Booga. Along with the coconut milk (from the vendor on Main Street) and the key ingredient (down in the ruins like the bone), the bone goes to the medicine man so that he can mix the potion. To reach the bone, cl ( Full Answer )

What do you do after you get the bone on shark tooth island?

Collect the Key Ingredient from the chamber farther left, then bring them (along with coconut milk from the vendor) to the medicine man in the tree to the right of the ruins. You will have to wear a grass skirt (free at Booga Bay) because he does not trust anyone from outside the island.

Where do you find the bone in shark tooth island?

When you are in the temple place by the big Medicine Man tree, work your way through the cave. After getting past the big caterpillar, jump onto the swinging platform and jump to the ledge. Then don't get on the side-ways moving platform, just walk straight off to the left. Once you fall down, keep ( Full Answer )

Why calcaneus considered the strongest bone?

The calcaneus, or heel, is the strongest bone in the body. Thanks to the density and resistance to forces of standing, walking, and running. Often the femur is considered the strongest because of size and flexible properties.

Is your tooth a bone?

No, teeth are not bones. Is the "skin" lining your stomach skin? It is soft like your "outside skin," but it is not the same. Bones are defined by the presence of osteoblasts and osteoclasts, the two types of cells that produce and dissolve BONE in the body. Teeth are made by odontoblasts and ame ( Full Answer )

Do you have a bone splinter after a tooth extraction?

A common complication of tooth extraction is something called a 'sequestrum'. This is a small sliver of bone that has died and sheared off of the wall of the tooth socket. The body generally reacts to the sliver of dead bone as it would a splinter. It slowly works its way to the surface and pokes th ( Full Answer )

Where do you get the bone in shark tooth island?

You have to go to the Ancient Ruins and enter the cave. Basically, you can just fall down. Hop from log to log, and at the dead end, jump onto the shifting ledge above you. While you're on that ledge, jump up to the next ledge, and then to a swinging ledge. To your left will be a code inserter. Clic ( Full Answer )

Where do you get the bone on Shark Tooth island?

The bone is down in the underground ruins. You will find it at the bottom of the hole with spikes on its sides, just left of the statue with the giant centipede on it.

Why is bone considered a connective tissue?

It is a connective tissue because its function is most similar to the function of connective tissue in that it connects and supports the other tissues of the body

How do you find the bone on shark tooth island?

If you're looking for the bone on Shark Tooth Island, near the Medicine Man's tree is a cave. Go inside that cave and eventually you will find a code thing. To get the answer to that code, get out of the cave, go on the Medicine Man's tree, but don't go up all the way, jump off it so you are on the ( Full Answer )

Why is a bone considered living?

It can move (be moved), grow, requires energy to perform functions (like growing), can be reproduced (or cloned) and adapts and evolves to fit the surroundings (shape in the body)

If the bone is not there on shark tooth island why not?

If it is not already in your items, you may have to reset the island to continue. The bone should be down in the pit next to the statue with the crawly worm. First, get the key ingredient and the coconut milk (Main Street), get and wear the grass skirt from Booga Bay, and climb the vine to see th ( Full Answer )

Why is bone considered a tissue?

It is made of body cells just like the rest of your body. cells-tissues-organs-systoms-your body

Are bones considered organs?

Yes, they can be. It all depends on your definition of 'organ'. As bone marrow is responsible for much of the bodies anti-immunity function its classification as an organ is very good.

What bones are considered irregular bones?

The irregular bones are: the vertebræ , sacrum , coccyx , temporal , sphenoid , ethmoid , zygomatic , maxilla , mandible , palatine , inferior nasal concha , and hyoid .

How do you get bone fragments out of your gums after tooth extraction?

It is best to let your dentist remove these fragments. It is most likely pieces of a tooth rather than bone. Rinsing with warm salt water will help the healing of your gums. After a tooth removal, as the inflammation goes away and your gums shrink, some fragments may push their way through the gum. ( Full Answer )

Why is bone considered connective tissue?

It is because bone has functional and developmental commonality with the class of connective tissues. Like other connective tissues: Bone provides structure and support;. Bone is derived from embryonic mesoderm; Bone contains substantial amounts of non-living, non-cellular tissue.

Where is the bone for the potion on shark tooth island?

When you pass the statue with the giant caterpillar, there will be a hole lined with thorns. Jump down to the bottom to find the bone. To climb back past the caterpillar, go behind him as he passes, quickly go up the statue, and jump up to the platform.

What is the difference between a bone and a tooth?

Bones are defined by the presence of osteoblasts and osteoclasts, the two types of cells that produce and dissolve BONE in the body. Teeth are made by odontoblasts and ameloblasts, which are totally distinct and different from osteoblasts.

What is considered a long bone?

i think it is the thigh bone... just gonna add on to your answer your right though the longest bone is the femur. If you are looking for what the long bones are they are the Bones of the thigh, the bones of the forearms, bones of the fingers and bones of the legs. Your Ribcage bones are NOT long bo ( Full Answer )

Is pisiform bone considered sesimoid bone?

The pisiform bone (also called pisiforme or lentiform bone ) is a small knobbly, pea-shaped wrist bone. It forms the ulnar border of the carpal tunnel. The pisiform bone is found in the proximal row of the carpus. It is located where the ulna (inner bone of the forearm when in anatomical positi ( Full Answer )

Can bone come out with a tooth removal?

No, but you often have bits of hard material surfacing in the socket which you can pick out. You would be forgiven for thinking it's bone. Your tooth is actually sort of cemented into the bone, for want of a better description, and it's bits of this material that you are seeing. I have personally ha ( Full Answer )

How is a tooth attached to the bone of the jaw?

The root ot a tooth is attached to an alevouls (socket in the jaw bone) as follows: Dentin (from the tooth) attaches to a substance called cementum; cementum attaches to a periodontal ligament; the ligament attaches to the jaw bone

Can a lions tooth go through your bone?

no.a lions jaws are immensly powerful but they cant bite throw the bones of other animals.this is so becouse there teeth,as menacing as they are,are actually quite brital and fragile. in other words,if a lion trys to bite through a wilderbeasts leg, its canines(fangs)will snap off like twigs.

How is tooth enamel different from bone?

Enamel is developed during infancy and adolescence only. Once the tooth has erupted into the mouth, no more enamel is created. Enamel has no innervation and no blood supply. In short, it is not living tissue, and cannot be healed if broken by trauma or disease (tooth decay). In contrast, bone tis ( Full Answer )

What do you do when you get the bone on shark tooth island?

You still need the key ingredient and the coconut milk. Climb the statue past the giant worm and continue to the left in the underground, where you find the Key Ingredient. Climb up and get the coconut milk from the vendor guy on Main Street. Get and wear a grass skirt and climb the vine to see the ( Full Answer )

Where do you go after you get the bone on shark tooth island?

Continue left and get the Key Ingredient and leave the underground ruins. The bone, Key Ingredient, and coconut milk go to the Medicine Man in his bamboo "tree house" that somehow drops coconuts. First get a grass skirt to wear (so you fit in), then push the block over and climb the vine to have him ( Full Answer )

Where is the bone on sharp tooth island on poptropica?

If you find the potion, then go up to a platform, and down one side there is a row of spikes. Jump away from the row of spikes and down. The bone is keeping the skull of something propped open to the left.

Is the human ear considered a bone?

There are three bones in the human ear, and you need all three to hear. Besides that, there is only cartilage. Cartilage is a firm, elastic, flexible type of connective tissue of a translucent whitish or yellowish color, like gristle. But, no, the human ear is not condidered a bone.

Are bones used in manufacturing of tooth paste?

My uncle, Paul raysinberry, worked in a toothpaste manufacturer (colgate) And yes, bones are used in toothpaste. Not human bones but bones. Bones as in bones. HOPE THIS HELPED.

Where can you get the bone on shark tooth island?

You have to go into the ancient ruins and then get past the secret code door. The bone is at the bottom of the area with spikes on either side, just past the giant shark statue with the giant catapillar.

Is the cohchlea considered a bone?

The cochlea is not a bone. It is a fluid filled tube in the ear that has tiny hairs. When a vibration, or sound, travels through the cochlea, the hairs move, which triggers nerves connected to the base of each hair to send a signal to the brain, allowing us to perceive sounds. However, there are two ( Full Answer )