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The volcano that Toowoomba is built on is known to be extinct, but you never no it could be like the one in Pompeii

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Q: Is toowoomba built on a extinct volcano or a dormant volcano?
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Is Toowoomba built on a volcano?

Yes, Toowoomba is built on a vocano. Most think that is what started the 2011 "tsunami".

Is there a town built on a volcano in Britain?

Edinburgh castle is built on the site of an extinct volcano.

What isn the Edinburgh castle built on?

Edinburgh Castle is built high upon the basalt remains of a long extinct volcano.

Has the Toowoomba bypass been built yet?

As of November 2011, the Toowoomba bypass has not yet been built.

What spa city was built during the roman empire in England and is built in the mouth of an extinct volcano?

The spa city of Bath, England was built at the mouth of an extinct volcano. This volcano is responsible for the hot springs and spas that made the city famous for bathing from the days of the Roman Empire to today.

Are there extinct volcanoes in the UK?

Yes. Edinburgh Castle is built on an extinct volcano and the nearby Arthur's Seat is the same.

Why was arthes set bilt on an exsincted volcano?

Edinburgh castle was built on an extinct volcano because it was high up which made it hard to attack because the attackers would need to Clim the extinct volcano to get to the castle.

Where Does Scotland have any active volcanoes?

There are no active volcanoes in Scotland. However, Edinburgh Castle was built on an extinct volcano.

How does geography play a role Mexico city's air pollution problem?

The city is built in a bowl-shaped crater of an extinct volcano.

Was Pretoria built in a volcano?

The answer is yes, but the volcano is about 2 billion years old, so it is said to be extinct. Go to to find a map that will show where Pretoria lies in relation to the old volcano. The ancient volcano was about the size of Ireland.

Is there a extinct volcano under bunbury senior high school?

yes bunbury senior high school is built on a volcano but it is not active and erupted last many many many years ago

How did the tambora irruption happen?

A volcano is a weak spot in the Earth's crust. So when the lava and pressure built up from so many years dormant the weak spot in the Earth's crust couldn't hold it and it just shot up the volcano and spewed out lava.