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Yes. It is located in the middle of the united states (Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas etc) due to a favorable climate setup. Tornado Alley does not move, but major tornado outbreak can happen in other regions.

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Q: Is tornado alley located in the same place every year?
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What day did tornado alley happen?

Tornado alley is a place that gets a lot of tornadoes every year. It is not an event.

Is that one tornado place called tornado valley or tornado alley?


When did tornado alley take place?

Tornado Alley is an area of the southern plains in the central part of the United States that receives a great number of tornado's every year. So it happens every year in late spring to early fall.

When do tornadoes Alley come?

Tornado Alley is a place, not en event. It is always there.

Which places in the US have tornado sirens?

The place with the most tornado sirens would have to be tornado alley

What where things like before and after tornado Alley?

There is no before or after Tornado Alley. Tornado Alley is a place, not an event.Before a tornado outbreak the weather is often hot and humid. After the outbreak it is usually cooler and drier, but many areas are heavily damaged.

What geologic locations in the united states are most prone to tornadoes?

It's a place called tornado alley. It is located on the Great Plains.

When did the tornado alley happen?

Tornado Alley did not happen. It is a place, not an event. It is a region that stretches across the Great Plains in the United States from Texas to Iowa.

Do tornadoes form only in tornado alley?

No. Tornadoes can form almost anywhere. Tornado Alley is just a place that has exceptionally high tornado activity.

When did tornado alley hit South Dakota?

Tornado Alley did not "hit" South Dakota because it is not an event. It is a place that some include South Dakota as a part of.

What is the biggest place hit by a tornado?

It would be tornado alley in St. Helena,South Carolina in the USA

Which place is mostily happen tornadoes?

united states and tornado alley