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Q: Is torque measured with a dynamometer?
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What is a linear torque curve?

A torque curve is a plot of torque produced vs RPM, as measured on a dynamometer. It usually is not linear (a straight line).

What is a torsion dynamometer?

A dynamometer is a device that measures rotational speed. A torsion dynamometer is a dynamometer that measures torque, or the force with which something rotates.

What does a dynamometer measures?

A dynamometer is used to measure force, torque or power of a engine. A dynamometer also can measure the torque and power needed to power a given driven machine.

What exactly does a dynamometer measure?

A dynamometer measures force, torque, and power. It can be used to measure the power of an engine.

What does DYNO stand for in general?

Dyno is an abbreviation of the word dynamometer. A dynamometer is a machine that calculates mechanical power. This can be used in the automotive industry to measure RPM and torque.

How is horspower figured for an automobile?

With the engine in place, the car wheels are placed on a a set of rollers, red lined in first or second gear, measured by a dynamometer and a measurement is taken sensing how fast the car engine can move the rollers. Power is speed x force x constant or revs x torque x constant, where the constant depends on the units used. A dynamometer is basically a brake with a sensor on it to measure torque. Hence power measured in this way is termed Brake Horsepower. Generally the horsepower quoted for cars is the horsepower generated by the engine. It doesn't take account of the losses in the transmission. Therefore it will be higher than that measured according to the first paragraph above. It is measured on a testbed with the engine directly attached to the dynamometer.

Can you explain what engine dynamometer is?

An engine dynamometer is a device that can measure power output. It calculates the torque and the speed of rotation. More information about this subject can be found on the Wikipedia website.

How the prony brake dynamometer work?

it is a device use to measure torque of any ic engine

Why do moving coil dynamometer type instruments have quadratic scale?

bcs the torque developed in dynamometer instrument is directly proportional to the square of the current passes so thts why its scale is quadratic in nature

What unit should you use to measure a car?

A commercial weighbridge would be appropriate for its weight.A tape measure for determining its dimensions.Its speed would be measured by timing it with a stopwatch over a known distance.Its power output would be measured on a dynamometer, and the same apparatus will enable you to measure the output torque.

What is the purpose of a dynamometer?

A Dynamometer is a tool that measures the torque, force, or power. It can be used in a multiple amount of fields including the medical field to test the force of someone that has endured trauma to the hand. As well as mechanically, such as with pumps.

Why torque measure in percent?

Torque is not measured as a percentage.

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