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Trip insurance can be available through various sources. Check to see if there is an option when booking your trip. Credit card companies can offer trip insurance as well as insurance specific companies.

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2013-11-04 00:00:23
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Q: Is trip cancellation insurance available
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Where can you purchase trip cancellation insurance?

You can buy trip cancellation insurance connected to your travels from some of the travel companies. You may like to visit the following websites who offer trip cancellation insurance - Squaremouth, TravelGuard,

Should I purchase trip cancellation insurance?

It depends on what you vacation spot is and the likelihood of disastrous climate. If you go to a location that is more likely for volcanoes, earthquake, or hurricanes to occur, than you should consider buying trip cancellation insurance. More information is available at

Would it be wise to have trip cancellation insurance?

Yes. If you have a family that is sick, it's a great thing to have trip cancellation insurance--otherwise if you have to cancel the trip, you won't get your hundreds of dollars back.

For a frequent traveler, is trip cancellation insurance worth it?

Trip cancellation insurance is well worth the investment in my opinion. You never know when something unexpected will happen, and you want to be sure not to loose the money you have invested in your trip. A great example is all the trips that were cancelled in Europe due to volcanic ash. Those without this insurance were out of luck if they did not have cancellation insurance.

How can one get trip cancellation insurance in the UK?

One can obtain trip cancellation insurance in the UK through various companies, many of which can be found online. Some of these include Schofields, Holiday Safe, and easyJet.

What do travel cancellation insurances cover?

Travel cancellation insurance can be purchased with various options. It will provide reimbursement of prepaid nonrefundable trip costs when you need to cancel or postpone your scheduled trip. Depending on the type of travel cancellation insurance you purchase you must comply with the list of covered reasons for cancellation if you do not purchase an insurance which covers cancellation for any reason. This option is more expensive but does not limit the reasons for cancellation of your travel plans.

What does travel insurance cost?

Trip insurance costs between 4 and 8 percent of your total trip cost. Trip insurance covers the cancellation of your flight, lost luggage, and loss of life in cases of death.

Why is trip insurance good to have?

Trip insurance can be very beneficial. It contributes a great deal to the traveler's peace of mind. With travel insurance, one doesn't have to worry about lost luggage, trip cancellation, and even medical in some cases.

Where do I purchase trip cancellation insurance for a general cruise line company?

There are many companies that offer trip insurance for people who fear they may have to cancel their trips last minute and do not want to lose their full investment. The more you spend on the insurance the higher the percentage you will get back and the more reasons for cancellation you are allowed, however it is uncommon for insurance to cover the entire trip. Travel agents can help you pick an insurance.

Is trip interruption insurance really worth the price?

Trip Cancellation insurance and Trip Interruption insurance can provide coverage of your insureds Trip cost when you, or a Traveling Companion cancel or interrupt a Trip for covered reasons. An early interruption of your Trip can cause you to lose more than your Trip cost, due to the last minute ticket purchase to return home early. If you’ve insured your full Trip costs that are subject to cancellation penalties or restrictions, Travel Insurance Select can provide up to 150% of that cost if you must interrupt your Trip.

What perks are offered with Citicards?

Among the perks available for Citicards are access to presale tickets for certain events and trip cancellation insurance if you have to forfeit nonrefundable tickets for reasons beyond your control.

Are there any instances when trip cancellation insurance will not cover a cancelled trip?

No there is not. They only cover early interuptions though if you want to leave the trip part way through.

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