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If they were both on the same plane and it crashed or was sabotaged, then the two primariy heirs to the throne might be both killed. Therefore they must travel seperately so that in the case of suh a tragic event only one of them would die.

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Q: Is true that Prince Charles and Prince William never travel on the same plane?
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When did Princess Diana and Prince William get married?

They never did because Prince William is Diana's son. Diana got married to Prince Charles, whom she had two sons with- William and Harry. William married Kate Middleton on 29th April 2011.

What is the order of succession to the throne of England in the future?

Prince Charles is next in line. Behind him is his eldest son Prince William. If Prince William ever has children, his eldest would be next in line. If Prince William never has children, then his brother Prince Harry would be next in line.

Who becomes monarch of England if Prince Charles dies never becoming King?

His son Prince William, Duke of Cambridge who is second in line to the throne.

Can Camilla be queen instead of William becoming king?

No. It is true that, if and when Prince Charles becomes king, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, will legally be the queen consort. Still, she is not and will not be in the line of succession to the British throne. So when Prince Charles dies, Prince William will be become king, and Camilla will never be queen regnant.

What was Princess Diana's husbands name before Prince Charles?

She was never married before she married Prince Charles.

When would Prince Andrew become king?

When the Queen passes away, it will mean Charles will take the throne. After Charles it would be William, then William's eldest child. However, if William does not have any children, Prince Harry will take over the throne. It will then be passed down to Harry's eldest child. Then, if Harry does not have any children, Andrew will take over. So Andrew might never be King.

When are Kate Middleton and Prince Charles getting getting married?

Never. Kate Middleton married Prince Charles' son Wiliam 4-29-11 making Charles her father in law

Does Prince Charles smoke?

Prince Charles has seemed to be able to avoid smoking and instead tries to lead a healthy lifestyle. He has never been photographed with a cigarette in public.

Do the British trust Prince Charles?

no way and if somone toold u yes then there huge liars and never trust then caz Prince Charles killed and raped all british girls

Has Prince Charles GOT to take the throne?

Yes. He would succeed automatically on the death of the Queen, as he is her heir apparent.. After that, if he wanted, he could abdicate in favour of his son William. Alternatively, the Queen may decide to make William her heir, and disinherit Charles. Many observers think this will happen. Also there has always been a consensus among clairvoyants that Charles will never be King.

Will there be a wedding kiss at the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton at their wedding?

maybe but you never know

When is Diana called Princess of Wales?

She was never called Princess Diana, her title was the Princess of Wales, which she acquired when she married Prince Charles who is the Prince of Wales.

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