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Is twilight princess fun?

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2011-09-13 10:36:43

Yes it is. The Twighlight Princess is a great game for any Zelda

fan and has great graphics.

(ADDED) But, to give you a different side, the bosses in

Twilight Princess are easier. So you don't get the full

satisfaction of beating a boss after trying to kill it for several

weeks! {lol Hense, my frustration with Ocarina of Time showing

through (I just can't beat Bongo Bongo, even though I know how to

defeat him! X_X)}

i don't really like Zelda games because they are kinda confusing

to me but i am still a video game expert i have beaten resident

evil 5, fallout 3 which was hard, left 4 dead 2 all 5 campaigns,

modern warfare 2 and i have beaten a hell of a lot of other game

too but that is beside the point honestly twilight princess sucks


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