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No, unequivocal means: no other possible translation jargon refers to the type of language used by those tied to a particular field (for example, a chef's jargon would refer to slang words used by the chef in terms of his culinary career).

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Q: Is unequivocal a snyonm to jargon?
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How do you put unequivocal in a sentence?

He would not accept what they were offering and he was unequivocal about that.

How do you use the word unequivocal in a sentence?

The message he received from his supporters back home was unequivocal. The directors were unequivocal in their opposition to the corporate changes.

What part of speech is unequivocal?

The word unequivocal is an adjective. It means to be unambiguous.

What is unequivocal in sentence?

The unequivocal lesson of history is that something will always be left for the poor

What is a sentence for unequivocal?

The world had unequivocal support for the recovery effort in Haiti after the earthquake. The request for a toga party at school received an unequivocal refusal from the principal.

How do you spell the word unequivical?

The correct spelling is unequivocal.Unequivocal is defined as "leaving no doubt, unambiguous, unmistakeable".

What is opposite of unequivocal?


What does unequivocal mean?

clear, not confusing.

Can you give me a sentence with the word jargon?

the jargon is on the board

What are unequivocal means?

Unequivocal means admitting of no doubt or misunderstanding; having only one meaning or interpretation and leading to only one conclusion. :)

I need a list of computer jargon from English to French?

the computer jargon we use in French, is the English computer jargon...

Is unequivocal a noun or a verb?

It's an adjective.

Abbreviation of Be seeing you in Email jargon?

The email jargon is - BCNU.

When was Jargon Software created?

Jargon Software was created in 1997.

Is jargon simple legal English?

Legal English is simply jargon

How do you spell jargon?

That is the correct spelling of "jargon" (special or technical language).

What is the plural form of the word jargon?

Jargon is an uncountable noun. It has no plural

What is an example of jargon?

Jargon is information about something of a particular group. e.g: Scientist's Jargon would be Bunsen Burners, Beakers and Test Tubes.

Sentence for jargon?

Timmy couldn't understand the paragraph because it was cluttered with literary jargon.

What are synonyms of jargon?

Cant. Cant is the jargon of theives. It is not the same word as can't.

How do you use the word jargon in a sentence?

(Jargon is not gibberish or nonsense - it refers to words used in a group or occupation)The science student found it hard to understand the jargon of the astronomers.He had little patience for the jargon of diplomats and their endlessly qualified statements.Like most scientists, he wrote in a technical jargon that had to be translated to the managers.His speech included some very technical jargon that most of the attendees did not understand.

What is a 5 letter word that means jargon?

Slang is a five letter word for jargon.

How does jargon or slang interfere with cross-culture communication?

how does jargon enhance communication

What is an example sentence for jargon?

My gosh, those people certainly have different jargon to get used to.

What is a jargon?

jargon is the lingo or words used by a line of work or profession ex. oftentimes webpage makers will use jargon as a way to express complex functions also lawyers and paralegals often use dialect that is known as law jargon