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Is uninsured driver covered if lives in the house with a insured driver?

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Only if you added this person to your policy, otherwise he/she is not covered. Usually, the insurance agent will ask if there is anyone living in your household that would be driving your vehicle. At that point you can add this person to your policy or sign a waiver stating he/she will not be using your vehicle.

2007-06-21 01:37:27
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What can you do if an uninsured driver hits your house?

File a loss notice with you Homeowners insurance Company. You should have no problem getting the damage to your home covered.

If an uninsured driver lives in your house are you responsible if they have an accident?

There are 3 possibilities: You ARE responsbile (or partly responsible) If (1) the un-insured driver is a minor and you are their parent or guardian (2) you are the owner or part-owner of the vehicle they are driving (3) the un-insured driver is on your insurance. Other than those factors, you would not be responsible for them.

Is a non covered driver on your insurance with a learners permit covered if he is involved in an accident while driving with the owner of the car?

Subject to any policy exclusions if they had the owners permission then they more than likely will be considered an insured driver, for the purposes of this question. They of course will need to be listed as a driver on a vehicle in the house hold, (if not immediately, will depend on the rules of your area/insurance company, then certainly once a licensed driver)

Does a new teenage driver need to be insured himself if hes only driving his parents insured cars?

He should be a rated driver in the house on something. If not,,,the insurance company could decide to cancel if the teenage driver was not rated, and had a negligent accident.

Will an insured driver liability cover intentional damages to uninsured car that is parked?

Yes, as long as the car is parked on private property. Cars stored on private property and not "in service" are the same as any other property, If the insured runs into your parked car our your house the insurance will pay. That's not quite correct. If the damage was intentional, meaning that the driver of the insured car deliberately struck the uninsured parked car, then the at fault driver's insurance will NOT pay because of a clause in the policy that excludes coverage for 'intentional acts' like criminal activity (which is what this is). So the parked car's owner would have to pursue a civil case against the at fault driver and try to collect against their personal assets.

Your car was hit outside your house and the driver drove away?

Are you asking a question or just making a statement? "If your car was hit outside your house and the driver drove away, are you covered by insurance?" This would most likely be covered by your comprehensive insurance and you will likely have to pay a 500.00 deductable.

How can you see if a car is insured?

you can see if a car is insured if they have a a sticker with a house on the window that has a bda house on it and their b-day card is changed.

Why is your house covered with snails?

My house is not covered in snails. My house is covered in vinyl siding & asphalt shingles.

You are trying to sell your motorcycle you brought it to someones house to look at it and they test drove it and its not insured or registered and crashed it?

You can't charge them with anything since they used it with permission & you took the risk of being uninsured. However, they should pay for the repair or your asking price voluntarily or you can take them to small claims if needed. You will need some proof (police report) he was the driver when it occurred & written estimates to support damages.

Who can tell me who has insured this house for the last 35 years?

Only those persons that have owned the house for those years can tell you who they insured it with during that time.

Does homeowners insurance cover concrete stair separation from the house?

It depends what caused the separation. If it was from improper installation or a design flaw the damage will not be covered. However, if the damage was caused by a covered loss then the damage will be covered. Review the Perils Insured Against section of your policy to determine if the loss is covered. You may need to retain an engineer to determine the cause.

Can you parked your uninsured vehicle on the property of the house you are renting?

Yes you can, as long as its not stolen.

If you are an insured driver and you drive someone elses car that is not insured are you legally insured while driving that car?

Let's refine the question a bit: if you are an "insured driver", by that term I mean someone who is named in an auto insurance policy as insured. Under that condition, you are insured even if the vehicle you are driving is not covered by a policy.An exception (we lawyers love exceptions) is if the vehicle is "regularly available for your use." Let's say I have two cars for my spouse and I, but also my old bachlor car that I just want to keep around as something to use if we have a breakdown in one of the other cars.I cannot fail to list that car with my insurer, and then drive it (even if only once a year--since it was "regularly available" for my use) and expect my policy to cover me. Ain't gonna happen. Same thing for any car that you can drive and in fact do use occassionally.On the other hand, if I went over to my friend's house in Eastern Washington and he asked me to go fetch (that is farming country, son) something from the store, using his uninsured car, I would be covered by my insurance policy for liability, personal injury protection, underinsured motorist coverage, etc.In the UK - it would depend on what type of motor insurance you have. If the policy is comprehensive car insurance - typically you will find that you are insured to drive another car so long as that car has a valid MOT. This is the general rule - but you should check the small print on your motor policy to see what it includes and call your motor insurer to check if you are covered. See the link entitled "accident car insurance" for a description of the different types of car insurance in the UK.

Why doesn't your home insurance cover damage from a vehicle which is not insured under auto insurance?

That is not necessarily true. That is, if an uninsured vehicle runs into your house and causes damage to the house, your own homeowner's policy will generally pay for the repairs to the house. Naturally, payment will be subject to the terms, conditions and limitations of the policy. Further, the amount recoverable will be limited to the total amount payable under the homeowner's policy. If, instead, what you are asking is whether homeowner's insurance will cover damage to a vehicle, the answer is no. They are 2 different types of insurance covering 2 different kinds of risks. Premiums (the amount paid by the person insured) are determined by the nature of the risk(s) insured, the persons or entities insured, and the activities insured. Those factors differ between auto insurance and homeowner's insurance, so a total premium cannot be melded.

Does homeowners cover tree damaged by hurricane?

Homeowners Insurance Covers the property detailed under your policy. Trees are not an insured property. If a hurricane blows a tree into your house and damages your home then the damage to your home would be covered but if only the tree is damaged then the tree itself is not covered.

Can an added driver get their own insurance card?

If you are a listed driver (drive one of the insured vehicles on a somewhat regular basis or have it available for your use regularly, or if you live in the same household as the insured even if you don't drive their cars, but technically you have access to the keys and car since you live in the same house) OR even a Rated Driver (parent owns the car but you drive it more than anyone else on the policy, so the premium is calculated using your driving record and info), you can have a policyholder request an additional card. He or she may have access to print one from the company's website. Regardless, the card will NOT show your name. It will only show the Primary Insured and (if applicable) Additional Insured who are the Policyholders (or Policy Owners).

When was Cogan House Covered Bridge created?

Cogan House Covered Bridge was created in 1877.

When was Power House Covered Bridge created?

Power House Covered Bridge was created in 1872.

When was Slaughter House Covered Bridge created?

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Why do you need to be insured and bonded?

people might drive through your house.

How can you make sure your house contents are correctly insured?

You can make sure your house contents are correctly insured by confirming with the insurance provider, and their regulations. You can also double check on the contract given by the insurance company.

In philadelphia do all drivers in the house need to be insured on a vehicle?

Unless there is some kind of 'blanket policy' in effect that automatically covers all drivers in the family, then each driver of the vehicle (and their ages) must be known to the insurance company.

What does renters insurance cover?

Renters insurance will cover your belongings in the house, and will also cover you for any legal mishaps you have with the landlord. It is prudent to have it as if for example there is a flood your belongings would not be covered by the landlords house insurance.

A house was insured for R50000 and the house was completely destroyed by fire It was rebuilt for R45000 how much will the insurer pay the owner?

Depends on the state.

How do you determine insured value of home?

The insured value of a home includes the price for the actual house and all of its contents. You must give your insurance company a list of all of your belongings.Ê