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Is university of science arts and technology Montserrat blacklisted?


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The USAT is an authorized institution and registered in B.W.I and Motserrat College of Medicine listed on the IMED/FAIMER as far as it is pubicly know.So the ecfmg grants you a sit for USMLE examination after graduation.However in the past some people acting on behalf of the USAT was making commerce with diplomas and degrees falsely claimed that came genuine from the University.Due to the time of operations maintained by this people, there was generated a opinion stream that USAT could be selling degrees but that is not true, I can asure, at leas with Medical degrees. To be listed on the IMED/ FAIMER the Institution has to comply with a set of requirements, that o can consult at the FAIMER website.And in the Caribbean region, most of the accreditation process are VOLUNTARY with all it means, implications and outcomes. Do not be confused with such so-called intitutions that promise uncertain and wonderful things under the accreditation umbrella, cause most of the time thay can not sustain the academic offer they promote.USAT is a small institution, but solid, growing step by step but honest.Maybe one of the few Carribean Medical Schools that aren´t totally business oriented. Certainly has to improve in some areas, but other areas, (the material for students training) I can assure that are very strong (scientific, academic and educational speaking) Good luck