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Q: Is university of the cordilleras became top 9 among universities in the Philippines?
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What year did the Philippines became an independent country?

The Philippines became independent in 1947

What happened in the Philippines after the war?

The Philippines became an american colony

When did the Philippines become a republic?

The republic of the Philippines became a republic on 1946.

The coming of Spaniards to the Philippines?

The Philippines became a colony of Spain for 3 centuries.

When did the Philippines get its own government?

The Philippines became independent of the US on 4 July 1946.

When did the Philippines get its freedom?

The Philippines became a sovereign country, independent of the United States, in 1946

How did Johann zahn get his education?

Johann Zahn received his education at various universities in Germany, including the University of Jena and University of Leipzig. He studied theology and later became a Protestant pastor, but his true passion lay in inventing and designing optical devices, such as the camera obscura.

What university was the very first t be erected during the middle ages?

I do not know of any medieval universities that had all their buildings originally intended to be university buildings. The universities were mostly founded by combining teachers of the same city into a single guild-like organization. The organization became a university when it got its charter. According to most historians, the University of Bologna was the first university, as it received its charter in 1088. There were universities that were far older, however, that did not fit precisely into the Western European definition of what a university was. The University of Constantinople was founded as a school in 425. The University of Salerno goes back to an unknown date, possibly in the Early Middle Ages, or possibly even to the Roman Empire as a functioning school of medicine, but only received its university status in the 20th century. Please use the links below for more information.

Has vel tech became a university?

This is a university that aims mainly money for admissions, they became a university but their level of teaching hasn't reached the level of a university.

How Philippines got its name?

When the Spanish came to the Philippines they named it The Philippines after Prince Philip who later became King Philip II.

How Filipino became Filipino?

It is because we live in the philippines

What colonies became unhappy and declared their independence?

The Philippines.