Is unix and Linux an open system?

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Linux is an open system, Unix is not.

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Q: Is unix and Linux an open system?
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What is diffrance between Linux and unix?

The short answer is that Unix is an open source operating system, and Linux is a modified Unix that was modified by Linus Torvalds (combining Linus and Unix, or Linux)

What is the name of operating system in Unix and Linux?

"Unix" and "Linux."

Which operating system has the free and open source software?

Unix and Linux

Which operating system is developed first unix or Linux?

Unix was first; Linux is a clone of Unix.

Why is Unix open source?

Unix is not open source, it is proprietary. Linux is the open-source version of Unix.

State the operating system that has free and open source software?

Linux or Unix are open source and some are versions are free and others aren't. Unix is based off of Linux, and both have many different variations. One popular Unix system is Ubuntu

OS is an open-source operating system?

LINUX and Unix OS is open-source operating system.....! but Windows version OS is not the open-source operating system....!

What operating system compares with Linux?


What is the abbreviation for Linux?

There is no abbreviation for Linux. The Linux name comes from Linus Torvalds(Linux Creator) and UNIX Linux is a Free UNIX like system so it is hence called LINUX.

Was linex operating system used before the unix system?

Unix came first; Linux is a clone of the Unix Operating System.

What is the difference between unix operating system and Linux operating system?

Linux is a Unix-like system. This means that it is inspired or influenced by Unix in some shape or form (Linux started off from Minix), but it is not directly derived from Unix. However, BSD is based on Unix, and macOS is indirectly Unix-based because of its mixed heritage with BSD.

What is the difference between Linux and Unix?

To put it very generically, Linux is an operating system kernel, and UNIX is a certification for operating systems. The UNIX standard evolved from the original Unix system developed at Bell Labs. After Unix System V, it ceased to be developed as a single operating system, and was instead developed by various competing companies, such as Solaris (from Sun Microsystems), AIX (from IBM), HP-UX (from Hewlett-Packard), and IRIX (from Silicon Graphics). UNIX is a specification for baseline interoperability between these systems, even though there are many major architectural differences between them. Linux has never been certified as being a version of UNIX, so it is described as being "Unix-like." A comprehensive list of differences between Linux and "UNIX" isn't possible, because there are several completely different "UNIX" systems.

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