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No that is a rumor.

2011-02-19 20:28:03
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Is Usher really having a baby by his new model girlfriend?

Usher Having a BabyAnswer yes

Is Miley Cyrus really Zac Efron's girlfriend?

No!!! She is going out with that underwear model!

Do mark caguioa really have a girlfriend?

Yes Austrailian Filipina model Lauren Hudson

Does Michael Pitt have a girlfriend?

in an interview for his last movie in 2008, the one about the brothers that torture a family, he spoke of having a girlfriend but who knows now ---- He is married to fashion model Jamie Bochert.

Can you remove the thermostat from the engine of Pontiac Montana 1999 Model without having problem with the engine?

no,not really

How do you get a super model girlfriend?

You don't

Who is Jacques kallis girlfriend?

his girlfriend is cape town model shamone jardim

Is Josh Ramsay's girlfriend a celeb?

She is a model most of the fans dont really know about her that much. But im pretty sure she's a celeb.

Has Harun Tekin a girlfriend?

Yes, he does have a girlfriend, her name is Aylin Demiral, she's a Turkish model.

Do kim bum has a girlfriend?

i think he has but he has a rumor girlfriend named lee zan the Korean model

What can you tell me about Michael Phelps girlfriend?

she's a model

Is Vin Diesel married?

No but he does have a model girlfriend and a daughter

Is the lead singer of the script gay?

No,he has a model girlfriend

Who is Gavin Henson girlfriend?

Its model Carianne Barrow

Does Matt Webb from Marianas Trench have a Girlfriend?

His current girlfriend is Jessica King, a model. She's a sweetheart.

Does Kevin durand have a girlfriend?

Kevin durand does have a girlfriend, infact he has a fiance. She is a model and her name is Sandra Cho.

Does Vin Diesel have a girlfriend?

Sadly, yes, Vin Diesel does have a girlfriend. Her name is Paloma Jiminez and she is a Mexican model.

Is Leonardo DiCaprio living with his girlfriend?

As of April 2014, Leonardo DiCaprio lives with model girlfriend Toni Garrn.

Where is the Model girlfriend that he was dating?

Ive been wondering that myself..

Who is Jade Puget's girlfriend?

Marissa Festa, an aspiring model.

Is dima bilan gey?

He's not gay, he has a model girlfriend.

Who is Nick Hogans new girlfriend?

model Donna Lazarescu

Does Daniel Tosh have a girlfriend?

Yes, He does. I believe she's a model.

Who was Wylie Drapers girlfriend?

Nikea Reynolds. She was a model. And still is.

Who was Cody Simpsons girlfriend?

Gigi Hadid, She's model