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Is using Napster which costs 15 dollars a month illegal?


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2009-02-24 20:58:11
2009-02-24 20:58:11

No. Napster is legal.


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No, it costs $15 dollars a month

It costs 6 dollars per month, or 76 dollars per year.

Weight Watchers Online offer two different payment plans. The three-month savings plan cost 56.85 dollars for the initial three months. Every additional month costs 18.95 dollars. The standard monthly plan costs 48.90 dollars for the first month and 18.95 dollars for all of the extra months.

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Yes it does and it is awfully expensive No it is not. Well for cheapskates it is. It costs less than ten dollars for each month, whilst it costs over thirty dollars for one month in WoW, and that game stinks. It's well worth it.

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FREE Not if you are a member!!! It costs $5.95 dollars a month!!!! You can buy the cards at Rite Aid.

Depends on where you live, if you live in the United States, it costs about 15 dollars a month.

Today, March 5, 2011, it costs 8 dollars per month for instant-streaming only and an additional 2 dollars for DVDs by mail. You also currently get a one month free trial.

I'm Australian and the 60 day game card costs 30 dollars every second month so it cost 15 dollars per month so you figure out the difference between dollars and pounds.

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There are three subscription plans available: month to month costs 12.99€/£8.99, 3-month subscription costs are 11.99€/£8.39 per month, and six month subscription costs are 10.99€/£7.69 per month.

Depending on length of membership for example 12 month costs 60$ 9 month costs 45$ 6 month costs 30$ 3 month costs 15$ 1 month costs 5$ If you decide to get lifetime then Microsoft will charge 60$ per year.

It costs about 40-80 dollars for the average person so ya......

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