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Speed and velocity are never the same thing.

Velocity means 'speed' AND the direction it's going.

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How is speed different than velocity?

Speed does not have the direction associated with it, like velocity does.

How matter waves are greater than the velocity of light?

There are some situations in which waves move faster than the speed of light; but in no case can this be used to transmit matter, energy, or information, at a speed faster than the speed of light in a vacuum.

Can a particle in one dimensional motion have less speed than velocity?

Speed and velocity cannot be compared because they are different things. It is like saying "apples > oranges". Velocity is a vector and, as such, it has a direction and a size. The size of the vector velocity is it's speed.To answer your question: no because they can't be compared. And if you wanted to ask if the size of the velocity vector being smaller than the speed... no... that is the definition of speed... so it cannot be different, regardless of the number of dimensions you are using.

Why the velocity x rays is less than the speed of light?

It isn't - at least, not in a vacuum. All electromagnetic waves have the same speed in the vacuum. Both visible light and x-rays are electromagnetic waves.

Is the formula for velocity different than the formula for speed?

The size of the velocity is the speed, and you calculate it the same way. But whenyou find the size of the velocity, you're not done yet, because you also need itsdirection.

Is the velocity of light more than velocity of radio waves?

No as they are both electromagnetic waves so have the same velocity but have differing wavelengths and frequencies.

Does the same wave travel at different speeds in different mediums?

Short Answer:The speed of a wave depends very much on the type of the wave and the medium though which it moves.More:Sound waves in air, water waves in the ocean and light waves in space are waves different waves in different mediums and with vastly different speeds. Each of these types of waves changes speed dramatically in different media. Ripples move at a different speed than ocean waves. Light in glass travels at about two thirds of the speed of light in a vacuum and sound waves in metal are much faster than sound waves in air. Another good example is waves from an earthquake, which occur in two different forms and which are regularly experienced as separate shocks from an earthquake.

How is velocity different than speed?

Speed is a scalar quantity and only refers to how fast an object is moving. Velocity is a vector quantity and also takes into account direction.

Do P-waves and surface waves travel at the same velocity?

No. P waves are faster (have a higher velocity) than surface waves. In fact P-waves are the fastest seismic waves and surface waves the slowest.

What is the rate of change in position or rate of motion?

Velocity, which is different than speed in that it has a directional component to it.

Do p waves or s waves have higher velocity?

P waves have a higher velocity than S waves. This is known because P waves (Primary waves) arrive at recording stations faster than all other waves. S waves (Secondary waves) arrive second at recording stations.

Why we does not use speed instead of velocity?

When the direction of motion is relevant, you would use velocity rather than speed.

Are P waves faster than S waves and surface waves?

Yes. P-waves have the highest velocity of all seismic waves and surface waves have the lowest.

Can an items velocity ever be greater than it's speed?

The velocity of an object cannot ever be greater than its speed as the two are directly linked. Velocity is very similar to speed except that it also takes direction into consideration.

Gamma rays faster than radio waves?

No. Gamma rays and radio waves are both electromagnetic waves and travel at the same speed. They just have different wavelengths/frequencies.

What is difference between electromagnetic waves and matter waves?

Electromagnetic waves are very much different from the matter waves and in many ways. a) Speed of matter waves is very much less than the speed of electromagnetic waves. b) Matter waves cannot be radiated in empty space unlike electromagnetic waves. c) Matter waves are just associated with the particle, not emitted by it Matter waves have smaller wave lengths than electromagnetic waves

Why are sound waves different than most?

why sound waves are different than most

How is the speed of a body related to its velocity?

The speed is the MAGNITUDE of the velocity, i.e., without regard to the direction.

Velocity of sound depends on?

The medium through which it is propagating. For exampl if the sound waves are travelling in air they will move slower than those travelling through a wall speed of sound in solids > speed of sound in liquids > speed of sound in gases

What is the difference between ultrasonic and supersonic waves?

Ultrasonic waves are those, whose frequencies are above the frequency range of human ears (normally 20kHz). Whereas supersonic waves are those, which travel faster than sound, i.e. whose velocity is more than the velocity of sound waves.

When does shockwave produce?

When speed of object become greater than the speed of sound the waves are produce known as Shock waves.

What is the relative speed of secondary waves?

Secondary waves are always slower than the primary waves. The exact speed depends on the material they're traveling through.

Is escape velocity same for all objects?

Yes. It is different for different planets etc. Escape velocity on earth is different than escape velocity on Jupiter.

Why speed of light is greater than speed of sound?

The speed of light is the speed at which electromagnetic waves propagate through a medium. The speed of sound is the speed at which acoustic waves propagate through a medium. As the speed of sound relies on the medium moreso than the speed of light, sound propagates much slower than light.

What is the basic difference between light waves and sound waves?

Probably the most fundamental difference between light waves and sound waves is that light is electromagnetic energy, while sound is mechanical energy. Additionally, sound waves are longitudinal and light waves are transverse waves. Lastly, light waves do not require a medium through which to travel. Sound waves, because the mechanical energy from the source is transferred into the medium, actually must have something to move through to carry the mechanical energy of the wave.------------------------------------------------------------sound waves are vibrating air molecules that transfer energy which we hear as sound, different frequencies are heard a different notes.light waves are wavelengths of electromagnetic energy some of which are visible to the human eye, different frequencies are seen as different colors on the color spectrum.-------------------------------------------------------------------------Light waves are not mechanical waves where as sound waves are mechanical waves.Mechanical waves need a material medium to get propagated.Light waves could also be considered as photons but sound waves have to be considered as phonons.A Light waves' velocity is 300,000 km per sec, while a sound wave will travel at a velocity of 330 m/s in air.----------------------------------------------------------------sound wavesthey need a medium for travellingspeed of sound waves is less than light wavesound cannot travel in spacelight wavesthey do not need a medium for travelling.speed of light is more than sound waves.they can travel in space

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