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I am not for sure, but I will tell you that I acquired encephalitis while having Viral menningis, and I think viral means air born.....

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โˆ™ 2010-03-23 17:34:08
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Q: Is viral encephalitis air water or food-borne?
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What is a foodborne outbreak?

Foodborne means that a microbe is found in or on food. Those that are airborne travel through the air.

How is the spread of foodborne disease different from the spread of person to person disease?

spread of foodborne dis.due to micro-organisms. spread of person to person disease through contact, air, and many other reasons.

Is it good to sleep with open window?

It depends. Fresh air is always a good idea. However, if the window is open, without a screen, insects can enter the home and infect the sleeper. One example is mosquitoes which can transmit a number of infections, some of which are deadly (Eastern equine encephalitis, Japanese encephalitis, La Crosse encephalitis, St. Louis encephalitis, West Nile virus, Western equine encephalitis, Dengue Fever, Malaria, etc.)

How does air pollution affect your health?

Air pollution badly affects the health of an individual. Polluted air leads to viral diseases.

What are the two types of viral disease sources?

air in contact with someone with germ

Two ways that viral diseases can be spread?

Viral diseases may spreadThrough medium like airFomites, i.e. objects like handkerchiefs used by the diseased person.

How can you get a viral infection in your lungs?

Viral infections of the lungs spread by way of infected air. The infected patient sneezes or coughs to push the millions of virus particles in the air. This infected air is taken in by others. Few of them catch the infection.

How is viral pneumonia spread and or transmitted?

viral pneumonia is transmitted via pathogens in the air. When people affected my the virus cough, sneeze blow there nose/wipe there nose spread the virus into the air, people that breathe in or are in confined spaces with people affected are at risk of contracting the virus. touching railings of stairs of door handles are at risk of contracting this viral infection as well.

What is the meaning of water and air pollution?

water pollution: polluting water air pollution: polluting air

Why does water bubblier water have air in the water?

because inside the bubbles are air, not water.

Is there more air in salt water or air?

i think more air is in water

How does water come out of the air?

How does water come out of the air?

Does air float on water?

Yes, air does float on water because water is denser than the air. However, a very negligible amount of air will dissolve on water.

What happens to water vapor in the air when the air cools?

What happens to the water vaporin the air when the air cools

Does water travel farther in air or in water?

water travels faster in air

Is air full of water?

full of tiny air holes that let in air and water

Where do fish get their air from?

Fish get their air from the water, their gills separate water form air.

Air has more capacity to hold water at what?

Air has more capacity to hold water when the air is warmer. The colder the air is, the less water it can hold.

Is water present in air?

yes water is present I air

What is a word for water or air dirty with gases or chemicals?

Water or air dirty with gases or chemicals is polluted water or air.

Does air contains soil and water?

Air can contain water but not soil. Although air doesn't always contain water.

Is there water in air?

In normal air there is some water in the form of water vapour, this is Humidity.

What is water vapor in the air?

Water vapor in the air is water in the form of a gas.

What does humidity measure?

humidity measures the amount of water vapor in the air.Water concentration in air or water vapour.The amount of water vapor in the air.water vapormoisture

Why do air bubbles form when you pour water from a height?

The water falls faster and pushed the water down allowing air in before the water balances out and the trapped air form air bubbles