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Yes, even strong, true blue relationship can face "virginity" as an issue.

Sometimes it's someone not feeling comfortable with losing their virginity to someone who isn't a virgin, or it's someone feeling they won't be satisfied with someone who is a virgin. But once the superficialities are looked passed and the reason both individuals are in the relationship is seen, it's an issue that is overcome.

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If she was in a physical relationship and in their relationship she just kissed does that mean she lost her virginity?

No, she did not lose her virginity. In order for someone to lose their virginity, sexual intercourse needs to take place. If all she did was kiss, she's a virgin.You do not lose your virginity by just kissing. You can not lose it from just kissing.Anyone can kiss someone. You have to have sex to lose virginity.

Why someone will not leave an unhappy relationship?

if they are in a relationship with the person who they gave their virginity to and they are super attached and want to hold on because of it............................. luckily that's not me i styll gotz my virginity lol

What is the issue about the relationship break down?

The issue is that the relationship broke down..

I am 15 What should you do if your boyfriend says the relationship is dull?

Keep ur virginity! That's for sure.

How do breed a nenufar dragon?

Easy, obtain a virginity card from MasterCard (you have to call them) and ask for one. The will issue the virginity card, which will answer many of life's questions but be warned; you will never see a vagina in your life time.

What is true relationship?

A true relationship is when you care about the other person, if your married then u will no 4 sure. If you love and cherish the other person then you are in a true relationship, but if you hate the other person all the time then you're not a true relationship.

If you were a guy would you ever trust your girlfriend if you found out she was in a completely fulfilling same sex relationship before she met you?

Of course. One of the major points of a relationship is trust. Especially as you grow older, everyone has some history. One thing you do know about her is that she has had a committed relationship and that is a good thing. If virginity is an issue with you though, then you should resolve it soon. It isn't kind of you to put her through this.

What is a true loving relationship?

a true love relationship is someone who you can be with and tell him or her anything. A true loving relationship is also someone who can take care of you, and love you however you are!

What is second virginity?

when you have had your virginity taken from you unwillily... after that you have second virginity

How do you stay in a stable relationship?

If the relationship is stable, there shouldn't be an issue regarding staying.

What was the crucial issue in Adam and Eve's relationship with God?

Obedience was crucial to their relationship. The relationship was damaged when they disobeyed.

Is being not a virgin important?

Virginity or not should not be a big debate when in a relationship. Sexuality should come later since feelings should take center stage in a relationship.

Is it true that the graph of a proportional relationship does not include the origin?

It is true in the case of inversely proportional relationship.

What does it mean to be chased in a relationship?

The proper word is "Chaste". It means to be pure, clean, retain virginity, avoid sexual contact.

Do girls bleed every time they have a period and is she a virgin?

Yes, they always bleed when they have a period. Virginity has no relationship to the menstrual cycle.

What happens to Wren and Spencer in Pretty Little Liars?

Spencer continues her secret relationship with wren and eventually loses her virginity to him

Can you break your virginity with your finger?

You can break the hymen but not your virginity. Virginity is more of a mindset. You only loose your virginity by having sexual intercourse.

A common stamp is called a regular issue True or False?

True. Very true.

Can girl loss her virginity when fingering?

Virginity is not about masturbation. It requires a partner to lose your virginity.

Do breast has a virginity?

No your breast don't have virginity.

Are girls hornier after losing their virginity?

It depends greatly on a number of factors. But from my personal experiences and observations, the opposite is true.

What is a true relationship?

Answer A true relationship is when two people are totally commited to each other, neither of them ever cheat on the other person. That's true love.

My friend have taken a virginity test and everyone says it's fake but just to ensure that is the correct one i need to view some of the example of virginity test result?

You did not specify if this was a cultural issue or you are just inquisitive. Please specify so we can answer your question correctly.

Was the civil war started on the issue of slavery true or false?

The answer is true I think

What trinh mean?

it means virginity it means virginity