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a territory of the UK

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Q: Is wales a territory or country?
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Related questions

Was Wales a country?

Wales is a country.

Is Wales a city or a country?

Wales is a country, not a city.

Is Wales a country or a continent?

Wales is a country, not a continent.

How many country's are there in wales?

Wales itself is a single country so there are no countries in Wales.

What is the adding of territory to another country?

it is territory+territory=country.

Is New South Wales a country?

No. New South Wales is a state in the country of Australia. The country of "Wales", after which New South Wales was named, is in the UK.

Is Canberra in New South Wales?

Yes and no.Canberra is in the Australian Capital Territory which, in turn, is a landlocked territory within New South Wales.

Is there any country that starts with a 'w'?

There is no country that starts with W. Wallis Island is a French territory (Technically Wallis and Futana Islands). Wales is part of the United Kingdom.

What river flows through the northern part of new south wales territory?

The Clarence River flows through the Northern part of New South Wales. Wales is also a state, not a territory.

Do people eat Wales?

Wales is a country, you can't eat a country.

Is Wales a big or small country?

Wales is a very small country.

Which territory in Australia is Sydney located?

Sydney is in the state (not territory) of New South Wales.

What country of the UK is located between Scotland and Wales?

The country between Scotland and Wales is... England.

Which country code is 612?

Country code +61 is Australia. Area code +61 2 is New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory, including Sydney and Canberra.

Is Wales a city or country or state?

Wales is a country w/in the United Kingdom.

Does Prince of Wales have anything to do with the Country of Wales?

yes he is the prince of wales.

In which state is Australian Capital Territory?

The Australian Capital Territory is surrounded by New South Wales.

What are some advantages about New South Wales being a country?

New South Wales is not a country. New South Wales is a state in the country of Australia.

What country is associated with Cardiff dating?

The country that is associated with Cardiff dating is the country of Wales. Wales is a country that is located in the area called the United Kingdom and Cardiff is a city in Wales.

Is Wales abroard?

Wales is a constituent country of the UK, so Wales can be classed as abroad from any country except the UK.

What countries In Wales?

Wales is the country so none

What's in Wales?

Wales is the country so none

How did wales and England become one country?

They became one country when King Edward of England conquered Wales in the 1200's. Wales was still an English territory when England and Scotland merged to form Great Britain, and the welsh dragon is not included in the Union jack, so while Wales is considered a Principality within the UK and has a lot of autonomy, it is still technically part of England. Hope you found this useful. P.S. England and Wales are also part of the same country, the UK, so they are the same country in that sense too.

What country is international code 612?

Country code +61 is Australia, and area code +61 2 is New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory, including Sydney and Canberra.

Driving from Wales to Edinburgh how long?

Wales is a country. Edinburgh is a city. Where in Wales??