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Is war a successful means of achieving political objectives?


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The answer to this question far exceeds the scope of what we can cover here. However, in brief, Clemenceau seems to have thought so and, contrary to published opinion, von Klausewitz does not seem to share this view (at least in his magnum opus, "On War"). Others opine that war is its own justification, but I think this view can only be supported if you only focus on conflicta that governments don't have a formal say in, e.g. very small scall insurrections, emergent riots, etc. As any war that is aimed at accomplishing a set of goals for any given social group needsmust be sharing goals witht he society at large, at least in intent, it's cleary ONE means of furthering political objectives. If, it's the best means or even the only means, however, is purely situational.