Is warcraft addicting

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If you are talking about World of Warcraft, yes, it is. And its very fun!

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Q: Is warcraft addicting
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Is World of Warcraft an addicting game?


Are you addicted to World of Warcraft?

Definetly. Its addicting.

Why is weed so addicting?

it's not. the only possible way for it to be addicting is a psychological addiction. but anything can be psychologically addicting, such as video games like World of Warcraft.

What do you think about wow World of Warcraft?

i think that it is very fun but addicting.

Is there a game similar to World of Warcraft that you can play?

MINECRAFT! super fun and addicting

Is World of Warcraft the best game ever?

To me Yes. although it is not addicting to me, it is very good Graphic wise. No other game beats World of Warcraft.

Is World of Warcraft addicitng?

It can be very addicting. Like anything in the world, it should be played in moderation.

What are the most popular online games besides League of Legends?

Warcraft mine craft addicting games

World of Warcraft is deadly?

Its deadly? If anything its addicting and a complete waste of time but calling it deadly makes no sense.

Is World of Warcraft addincting?

Yes, very addicting. So addicting that is caused problems when it came out, and is a huge topic of discussion among people trying to say video games are bad for people.

How is World of Warcraft addicting?

WoW is addicting because there are endless things to do, endless people to talk to, and I personally play it because I always want to try and be one of the best on the server or even worldwide.

Whats better World of Warcraft orrunescape?

world of warcraft because runescape sucks and warcraft is a huge game and its fun to play but it is a little nerdy but all games like this is but it is a very addicting game rs is the best ever

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