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Steam washers today are designed to work just as well as professional dry cleaning. Some dry cleaner shops even use the latest brands of steam washers that are available in the appliance market. If you frequently go to a dry cleaning shop, investing in a washing machine steam cleaner is a good idea to save money.

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Q: Is washing machine steam cleaning similar to professional dry cleaning?
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Can a duvet be washed in a washing machine?

A feather duvet can be washed in your home washing machine, although it's not recommended. A professional cleaner will have a much easier time cleaning it for you. Duvet covers can be washed normally with your sheets.

A place where clothes are washed and ironed?

these places are known as professional launderers or dry cleaners.

How do you clean white clothing?

You can clean white clothing by sending it in for dry cleaning, by washing it in the machine with similar coloured clothes, soaking in distilled vinegar, dilluted with water before hand washing.

Where can you get your Burberry raincoat cleaned?

You can take the Burberry raincoat to any dry cleaning store. In between professional cleanings you can also wash the coat in a washing machine.

How is stomach similar to a washing machine?

it similar to a washin machine because it mix food turn them into molecules

How do you clean a washing machine on the inside?

HDepending on the type of washing machine you might have,you can use cleaning liquids and solutions which you pour in the machine and run it for few minutes. You can also clean it with a piece of cloth.

Why doesn't my washing machine fill with hot water?

There are a few reasons why your washing machine is not filling up with hot water. A tube could be plugged. There may also be an issue with the hot water heater. Have a professional check the machine.

How would you compare a kidney to a washing machine?

Well one way you can answer this question is, Kidney and a watching machine are simular because, they both have a job of cleaning somthing.

Can I put a dirty Rubber Mat in Washing Machine for cleaning?

You can but its not recommended damage to the rubber mat woould probably occur,and not to mention the possuble damage to your machine.

How do you change a washing machine filter?

Washing machine filters are cleaned not changed unless they are broken, they are usually inside above the wash bin, check the instructions inside the lid or your owners manual for the location of yours.

How could one find out what is wrong with their washing machine?

In a situation where something very important, like an appliance such as a washing machine, is giving you problems, you should call sears or a professional appliance dealer in your area.

How do wash a costume that says do not wash?

By a cleaning agent that is used to "wash" materials that can't be washed in a washing machine and/or dryer.