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No, a lot of people eat while watching tv.

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โˆ™ 2012-12-04 01:34:44
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Q: Is watching TV and eating bad for you?
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Is watching television bad for teens?

television bad for teens

Is watching TV bad for infants?

Watching television can be bad for anyone, especially young infants. Small periods of educational shows are acceptable, however, you do not want them to spend too much time watching TV.

What are the bad effects of watching TV?

Some bad effects of watching TV are laziness for one. Also, you lose interest in outdoors. You may get a headache.

How can you build up weight?

eating and watching tv at the same time and also eating junk food

What does it mean if your boyfriend dreams about eating and watching tv with your family?

Eating together and watching television are ordinary daily family activities. So the dream suggests that your boyfriend feels comfortable and welcome in your family.

Is watching tv bad for eyes?

Yes watching tv Is bad for your eyes as it could make you lose vision. If you only watch a little bit of television, that's ok.

How do you get fat without eating or excercising?

from laying on the couch watching tv

What is obesity in sports?

watching the most amount of tv and eating loads.

What are the interests of Caesar?

nothings i guess watching tv and eating fish

Is too much TV bad for your eyes?

Yes, TV can be bad for your eyes and for your brain but that depends on what you are watching.

What are Taylor swifts favourite things?

hanging out with friends, eating junk food, watching tv, songwriting, watching movies, and boating

Is watching tv with the light on bad for your eyes?

Yes, it is, as it is bad to watch TV in general. However, regarding that fact, no it is not. In fact, it's better than watching TV with the lights off.

How is watching TV bad for your health?

People benefit from a certain amount of exercise, and if you spend all your time watching TV you won't be doing anything physically active. But moderate TV viewing is not bad for your health.

Is it bad for the animals health?

I believe you question is incomplete. If you are asking "Watching tv, is it bad for the animal health?" the answer is YES. Watching tv for a long time could harm animal health. Thank You.

Where is romeo crennel now?

He is sucking down brews, eating wings, and watching football on TV

Why is watching TV bad?

it causes you to not be productive. you start gaining weight and think that its relaxing. its a very bad habit

Debate on advantages or disadvantages of watching tv?

it causes bad eye sight

Text discussion about watching tv good or bad?

depends what ya watch

Is television bad for the under 18s?

Watching to much television when you are younger can affect your vision when you are older.

What are the benefits of having a hobby?

So you will not be bored sitting at home watching tv, eating, and gaining weight.

How do rainbow trout spend their day?

Watching TV underwater. And eating their friends' children.

What is the ultimate control mechanism for obesity?

getting up and running not eating chips watching tv on the couch

What is a good topic sentence for a speech about why too much TV is bad for you?

you will be nothing but a lump watching tv

What is the tagalog word for while?

Whie - Habang, as in: Kumakain ako HABANG nanonood ng TV. - I am eating WHILE watching TV.

Why is TV bad for you?

TV can brain cells, and soon your eye site will also get bad. If you watch TV at bedtime, you will not be able to sleep. Your not active when your watching TV, which can make you overweight, and cause diabetes. You are actually consuming more energy just sitting there, than watching TV. You can be studying instead of watching TV for more than enough. Think twice before you pick up the remote.