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no ...unless the person who your viewing is a minor then you might be charged with viewing and download child porn.

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โˆ™ 2012-10-07 20:27:38
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Q: Is watching up skirt videos illegal?
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Is viewing under skirt illegal?

In some cases looking up someone's skirt is illegal. States all have their own rules, and regulations on this. However, it is something that you should not do.

Where can one should perform skirt pull prank?

You can view videos of the skirt pull prank and learn how to perform it from the videos at the YouTube website. Once on the website, type "Skirt pull prank" into the search field at the top of the page and press enter to bring up the information.

What is the fascination with Kate Garraway up skirt videos?

Kate Garraway is an English journalist and TV presenter who has gain an almost cult like following due to the number of up skirt videos that have been uploaded on various video sites. She is not entirely proud of these.

Do videos you watch show up on your phone bill?

Yes it does. So don't be watching those dirty videos.

How can one protect themselves from up skirt videos?

Up Skirt videos has continued to be a problematic, menacing situation for sometime now, that truly needs to be rectified anytime soon. In some countries this is considered a "stalking crime" and is outlawed. A woman can protect herself by wearing much longer skirts, and also pants and shorts.

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Only if it is a skirt\shorts then you will be covered up and nobody can see what you have under

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I dont want to download but is it legal to just listen to music videos on youtube that are copyright?

The songs and videos are subject to removal from youtube when they are found. There are so many of them that such music and videos often remain up for quite a while. In the mean time, listening to and watching those youtube videos is perfectly okay. Don't worry about it.

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How do you put your hand up a little girls skirt?

It's impossible as it's illegal unless you're a parent that wants to take her clothes with a normal purpose(bathing, changing etc.)

How do you pee while wearing a skirt?

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only if you pay me

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