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Is water a homogeneous substance?

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Yes. Water is a homogeneous (pure) substance.

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Is water heterogenous or homogeneous?

homogeneous- it's a pure substance

Is distilled water a heterogeneous or homogeneous?

Distilled water is a pure substance, therefore it is homogeneous.

Is homogeneous a pure substance?

A homogeneous substance is the same throughout. So, a bar of pure gold, a diamond, pure water, saline water (water with salt dissolved in it) and nitrogen gas are all homogeneous, as they consist of the same substance(s) throughout. In other words, they are regular.So, you could say that a homogeneous substance is a puresubstance.

Is water considered homogeneous mixture?

No. Water is a pure substance.

Is water ice and oil homogeneous heterogeneous or a pure substance?

water is pure so is homogeneous ice is pure so is homogeneous oil is pure so is homogeneous

Is pure water a homogeneous mixture?

If a substance is pure, there is only one substance there. Therefore it is not any kind of mixture.

Is tap water a pure substance or a homogeneous substance?

it is a pure substance if your still unsure google it

Is tap water a pure substance a homogeneous substance or a heterogeneous substance?

Normal tap water can be considered as fairly pure and homogeneous; only ultrapure water is correctly pure. Sometimes tap water may contain insoluble impurities.

Is granite homogeneous or heterogeneous substance?

Granite is a heterogeneous substance. This is due to the fact that it does not appear to be consistently made of one material. An example of a homogeneous substance would be water.

Is the ice with water the example of homogeneous mixture but a pure substance?

of course the ice with water is homogenous and it is pure substance..

What an example of heterogeneous and homogeneous?

as it is known that homogeneous substance is a substance that has uniform characteristics and structure, thus we can say that following are the homogeneous substances:pure waterkerosene oildieselall the gases having particular composition, including oxygen, CO, etc.the components of a homogeneous substance cannot be separated by either of physical and chemical methods.heterogeneous substance is a substance that has characteristics reverse to that of homogeneous substance. it includes:mixture of sand and watermixture of sugar and sand ,etc.

Is water a homogeneus or heterogeneus?

Just plain water is a pure substance (a compound) but something dissolved completely in water is a homogeneous mixture.

Is sugar water a substance or a mixture?

it's a mixture homogeneous.

Is distilled water heterogeneous or homogeneous?

Distilled water is a pure substance that is a homogeneous mixture. It should contain a uniform about of oxygen and hydrogen.

Is carbon homogeneous substance?

Yes. Carbon is an element, which is a homogeneous pure substance. It is not, however, a homogeneous mixture, which is not a pure substance.

Is hydrogen and oxygen atoms that make up water a homogeneous?

The chemical formula is H2O: water contain hydrogen and oxygen and is a homogeneous substance.

Is the combination of water and alcohol a substance or a mixture?

Water and alcohol form a homogeneous mixture.

Is maple syrup a pure substance or heterogeneous or homogeneous?

Maple syrup is a homogeneous mixture of water and various sugars!!!

Can you use the word Homogene ous in a sentence?

water is a homogeneous substance.

The difference between a pure substance and a homogeneous mixture?

A pure substance is something like just water (H2O). A homogeneous mixture is a solution with multiple compounds. These mostly contain water, but not always. An example of a homogeneous mixture is H2O+NaCl or NaCl (aq).

A mixture that is homogeneous at the molecular level?

By definition, a homogeneous mixture is a substance that is uniform at the molecular level. An example of this is salt water.

Is plastic wrap a homogeneous or heterogeneous substance?

Homogeneous can it be used as one substance

Is sugar a heterogeneous or homogeneous substance?

Sugar is a compound, which is a homogeneous substance, but not a mixture.

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