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Is water vapour a part of the water cycle?

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Yes - after water evaporates from the ocean, lakes, and other bodies of water and before it condenses to form clouds, it is in vapor form.

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Why water vapour is important?

because water vapour is part of the water cycle and without the water cycle their would be no water , because all of the water will be evaporated.

What part of the water cycle does not involve water vapor?

The part of precipitation does not involve water vapour. It involves water in the form of rain, snow, sleet, etc.

Why does the ocean water evaporate?

Because of the heat of the sun. It turns water into vapour which forms clouds which make rain. It is all part of the water cycle.

What does vapor mean in the water cycle?

The clouds seen in the sky is formed from water vapour. It is water that has changed from a liquid into a gas (vapour).

Water vapour forms clouds and returns to earth?

The water cycle.

Is a cloud a vapour?

yes, they are condensed water. See the water cycle!

How does water vapour relate to the water cycle?

After evaporation, water gets converted into water vapor. This is the first step of water cycle.

What is water vapour use for?

Water vapor is used in water cycle to make rain.

Is water changing to water vapour a reversible or irreversible change?

It is reversible . Water vapour can condense and become liquid. Evaporation and condensation are phases in the water cycle

What is formed by vapour after evaporation?

More water. Look up the water cycle.

What does percipitate in the water cycle?

The condensed water vapour precipitate in the water cycle. They precipitate in the form of rain, snow, sleet, hailstone.

Where is heat added in a water cycle?

How the water cycle and heat are related: Adding or subtracting heat makes the water cycle work. If heat is added to ice, it melts. If heat is added to water, it evaporates. Evaporation turns liquid water into a gas called water vapour. As water goes through its cycle, it can be a solid (ice), a liquid (water), or a gas (water vapour). Ice can change to become water or water vapour. Water can change to become ice or water vapour. Water vapour can change to become ice or water. If heat is taken away from water vapour, it condenses. Condensation turns water vapour into a liquid. If heat is taken away from liquid water, it freezes to become ice. The water cycle involves the sun heating the Earth's surface water and resulting in the surface water evaporating. The water vapour rises into the Earth's atmosphere. The water cools and condenses into liquid droplets. The droplets grow until they are heavy and fall to the earth as precipitation (which can be rain, freezing rain or snow).

What is water vapour?

a pure gas of oxygen and hydrogen The water cycle is driven by the Sun's energy. When water evaporates, it turns into the invisible gas called water vapour.

What is water vapour in the water cycle?

This is where water has evaporated from lakes and oceans and has become water vapour, water in gas form. As it rises and cools it may condense out to form clouds.

How is the puddle a part of the water cycle?

The puddle is a small reservoir of water. The sun's heat evaporates water from the puddle. The water from the puddle turns into water vapour, helps to form clouds, etc.

What does the sun have to do with evaporation?

The heat from the Sun, aided by the wind, would evaporate water from the surface of the oceans. The water vapour would rise to form clouds. It is part of the 'Water Cycle'.

What is hydrogen cycle?

the hydrogen cycle is simply the water cycle. this cycle is all about how water is recycled throughout the planet. # Water is split into hydrogen and oxygen by the process of elecrolysis, using electricity generated from renewable energy sources # The oxygen is released into the atmosphere, whilst the hydrogen is stored and transported # Oxygen from the atmosphere is re-combined with the stored hydrogen in a fuel cell, producing electricity and water vapour # The water vapour is released back into the environment, where it can become part of the cycle once again

What gas in our atmosphere that causes humidity?

Water vapour. Or steam which is the gas state of water. Evaporation of water from the surfaces of rivers, lakes and mainly the oceans, an important part of the water cycle on Earth.

Is ice to water part of the water cycle?

yes it is part of the water cycle

Where in the water cycle does water vapor gain energy?

Water gains energy in evaporation to become water vapour.

The step of the water cycle in which liquid water changes to water vapor is .?

Evaporation causes water to become a vapour.

What role does water vapor play in the water cycle?

the water evaporates into water vapour and then condenses back into water again.

Is groundwater a part of the water cycle?

is groundwater a part of the water cycle

How do you use the word water cycle as in a sentence?

Rain is part of the water cycle.The water cycle is a natural thing.

What is Vapour absorption machine?

It is a refrigeration unit based on Vapour Absorption Refrigeration Cycle (typically refrigerants used are Water or Ammonia).

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