Is wear one article of the other genders clothing considered crossdressing?

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It all depends on the article. Crossdressing means you are of one gender and you wear an entire attire of the opposite gender. If you are a male and wear a t-shirt and then a skirt, then it's borderline, since the skirt is female, but the rest of you is dressed normally. However, if you're wearing panties or a bra, then no. If you wear a female shirt, then this too is borderline.
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How do you get girls' clothing to wear if you are a teenage boy who loves to crossdress but you don't have a sister or a mom and you are too embarrassed to buy girls' clothes?

Young Teen Cross Dresser Needs To Know Where To Find Girl's Clothing & Lingerie Without Being Embarrassed About It: . You could also use online sales and mail-order sales as well. . Lots of young men go into young women's stores and buy clothes and even will ask the sales girl for help. They wi ( Full Answer )

What is crossdressing?

Crossdressing . Crossdressing is when a person (most often men) dress in garb of the opposite sex. Crossdressers are not the same as drag queens who are most often gay and are many times performers imitating famous women singers and Broadway stars. Very often, drag queens appear almost a tongue-i ( Full Answer )

You are a boy who wears girls clothes is there something wrong with that or is it normal I like the way it makes me feel when I crossdress but I dont want other people to find out?

TRANSVESTISM PRACTICE AND FANTACY MANY BOYS AND YOUNG MEN enjoy dressing in girls or women's clothing. Some just like to experiment and like the way it feels, others develop a "fetish" for crossdressing, meaning they do it more often and it is arousing and brings some degree of sexual pleasure. I ( Full Answer )

What other religions wear clothes like the KKK?

Answer . The KKK is a cult and not a religion although they would like you to believe otherwise. Some monks do wear cloaks with the pointed hoods lowered over their faces, but nothing like the KKK covering their faces with holes for their eyes and a flap for their mouths.. If you believe in wha ( Full Answer )

How do people who have problems with gender identity issues overcome crossdressing and wanting to be the other sex?

Gender issues are a reflection of the prevailing culture. American culture was founded on Puritan values and that has prevailed in the form of ratings of movies, parental warnings on TV shows, limitation of alcohol and tobacco by age, pornography distribution, and gender attire. Schools and work env ( Full Answer )

What is the policy for the giving of articles of clothing to one another as gifts for people who are dating?

Answer . Sometimes a gift certificate to the 'in stores' for teens is a good place to start. If you want to be more personal than that then the girl should be aware of the type of clothes her boyfriend likes and get something similar such as a T-shirt, type of jacket or, if he's into chains aroun ( Full Answer )

Is it considered copyright infringement to wear popular brand name clothing in YouTube videos?

I'm not an attorney, but I did some reading on this a couple of years ago. If you are making a home-made video for your own entertainment and the entertainment of YouTube users, and you are not selling the video or promoting your store, etc. It seems there is no infringement of copyright. You have t ( Full Answer )

What types of clothes one can wear in monsoon season?

Clothing made of light yet strong fabric should be worn in monsoonseason. Fabrics like nylons dry quick and cottons or denim resistthe splash of water better. Light layers of clothing work bestduring monsoon season.

What type of clothing does one wear to a Broadway show?

There is no need to be dressy, but live theatre is certainly not the movies. Nice, dark-wash jeans and a dressy-casual top are acceptable. Both for aesthetic and practical reasons (it gets very cold!), it is a good idea to wear pants or below-the-knee skirts/cropped pants.. To add to the above answ ( Full Answer )

Where can you crossdress?

Answer 1 Anywhere - but it's not recommended in country bars, motorcycle clubs or the golf course - these are all places where 'the good ole boys" tend to hang out and they often have such problems with their own sexuality that anything different is dangerous. Answer 2 @answer 1 Hey, very well ( Full Answer )

Should a crossdresser have different clothes for different occasions?

It really depends on how much you are out. If you are way in the closet then anything goes. If you are out to meet friends then some change of season and change of occasion clothing is good, but if you are out weekly, definitely have different clothes for different occasions; if you don't after a sh ( Full Answer )

How do you be a crossdresser?

It's really simple actually. Just wear the opposite sex's clothes and vwala! You're a crossdresser!

Is it considered crazy when your guardian burns your clothes if you wear it again without washing it?

Is It Considered Abuse When Your Guardian Burns Your Clothes If You Wear Them Again Without Washing Them? . If you can honestly say that you keep your room clean, wash, dry and iron your own clothes and have good hygiene and your guardian burns your clothes then yes, it's abuse. If your hygiene i ( Full Answer )

How do you were crossdress?

There really aren't that many were-animals that crossdress, they tend to go naked: but if they want to wear the clothes of the opposite sex, I recommend you allow them - were-wolf bites are nasty..

How can you get clothes if you crossdress?

You can buy women's clothes online, Thrift stores, retail stores ,Walmart , discount stores, yard sales, Target, Dillards, Macy's, Forever 21, Lane Bryant, Dress Barn, eBbay, Big Lots and more. The heart of the matter is if you are closeted then eBay and online stores can be your best ( Full Answer )

Why is it considered gay for guys to wear womens clothing but girls can wear pants ect?

This shows how deeply the idea that "women are inferior" is buried in society. It makes "perfect sense" for a woman to aspire to manhood, but why would a man "descend" to the status of a woman? It is also possible that men, conditioned to respond to threats, see a man in woman's clothing as danger ( Full Answer )

My mom won't let my sister and I wear clothes In our house and the only way we are allowed to is if we wear the other ones clothes?

you need to explain this a little more, are you saying your mother won't allow you to be clothed in the the house at all? as in she makes you and your sister walk around naked? except if you wear your sisters clothes and she wears yours? This is not normal, there is obviously something wrong with yo ( Full Answer )

What other kind of clothing did the Pueblos wear?

Pueblo's clothes were usually made of yucca, which was a desert plant, or made out of grown cotton. -They spun, dyed, and weaved the cotton into clothing. - Some Pueblo dwellers also wore animal skins. -Skins of small animals such as the rabbit, turkey feathers and such were made into wraps for th ( Full Answer )

Why does my female friend wear my male clothes given that she apparently doesn't want anything other than a platonic friendship and considers us good friends?

While it is not uncommon for a few young women to wear men's underwear it is uncommon for a female friend to want to wear their male friend's clothes and this may indicate that she is either bisexual or a lesbian. If you are such good friends then communicate your feelings and ask her why she wants ( Full Answer )

Is it okay for your boyfriend to let other girls wear his clothes?

Well, that depends on the situation. If it's a relative or family member, of course. If it's a floozy who throws herself all over him, BEAT THE TAR OUT OF HER A*S. And if he does let other girls wear his clothes, you should find out why first rather than jump to any conclusions and do/say some ( Full Answer )

Where to get the best crossdressing clothes?

I tend to get my clothes at clothing stores, however online is acceptable if you know your size however nothing better than trying clothes on to make sure they fit

Who has been caught crossdressing and what were you wearing?

I did once by my older sister because she had thought I was dressing in her stuff so one day she headed out n said she wouldn't be back till late n my parents were out at a meal so I put on her Halloween snow White costume and stockings and some makeup but she came running back into the house about ( Full Answer )

Is it true that every one wears clothes?

No. Almost everyone wears clothes, although some people wear less than others. There are people who make a point of not wearing clothes, called nudists (they have to live in their own communities if they really want to practice nudism, since they would be arrested elsewhere), but even they usually w ( Full Answer )

What clothes does One Direction wear?

They don't have a regular style anymore but Liam was known for plaid shirts, Harry for blazers, Niall for red polos, Louis for striped shirts and red capris, and Zayn for his Varsity jackets :)

What types of clothing are considered 'work wear'?

Wearing appropriate clothing for your job is crucial. One would consider "work wear" clothing to be heavy duty and sturdy if working construction, while an office manager would consider a suit and tie "work wear."

For what purposes would one wear Sweaty Betty clothing?

Sweaty Betty clothing is clothing meant for the gym, working out or sports in general. They have yoga clothes, swimwear as well as under garments. The website has clothing broken down into activity to get the best performance out of them.

Where can one find a list of casual clothes to wear?

There are lists of casual clothes online at various blogs and sites like Esquire, Human Resources, and The Under Cover Recruiter. There are also catalogs that have casual clothes in them as well.

When should one wear blaze orange hunting clothes?

If one is going to be hunting anything in a wooded area, such as deer or wild turkey, they should wear blaze orange hunting clothes. This allows the other hunters in the area to notice who is human and what is animal.

Where can one purchase fitness wear clothing?

One can purchase fitness wear clothing from various websites like Amazon or eBay. One could also visit a local clothing store and ask if they have any fitness wear clothing for sael.

What should one consider when buying clothes online?

When buying clothes online, you should be aware of the sizing charts of the retailer. Company return policy and whether the vendor is reputable should also be considering factors.

Can one go to hell for crossdressing?

The one thing that sends people to hell is that they do not believe in Jesus Christ and accept Him as their Savior. God will change the heart of any person if they believe in Jesus and accept Him. If you are a cross dresser I suspect you have a problem and need the Savior in your life. Pray to God a ( Full Answer )