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39 kilograms is about 86 lbs... sounds about the right size for a 10 year old.... even though you would outweigh me

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What A box of cereal weighs about 350 grams ok kilograms?

Click here to get an answer to your question โœ๏ธ help again again, its also for tomorrow a box of cereal weighing 350 grams 21 grams of fat.

You weigh 233 pounds when you are 9 is that ok?

no not at all. my dad is about 180 pounds,and hes 39. speaking of witch i`m 10 and i weigh 60 pounds!

What are the release dates for CD USA - 2006 JoJo OK Go Mew Frankie J 1-39?

CD USA - 2006 JoJo OK Go Mew Frankie J 1-39 was released on: USA: 14 October 2006

How many kilograms are in 4900 grams?

Ok, there are 4.9 kilograms in 4900 grams because a kilogram is 1,000 grams and 4900 / 1000 is 4.9. Hope this helps!

Is weighing 60 for a 14 year old bad?

If that is your natural weight than it's ok, but if you Are trying to be that light it's not healthy.

How much is 58.5kg?

58.5 kilograms = 128.9 pounds 58.5 kilograms =9.2 stone that's all i could find if that's OK and give me a message will you it says at the bottom who i am

What time is sunset on May 28 2011 in Lawton OK?

at 8:39 PM CDT

When did Jeon Ok die?

Jeon Ok died on 1969-10-22.

Is adventure quest worlds OK for a 10 year old?

It is OK for a 10 year old as is all the other antrix games

Your baby is 2 months old and weighs 12 lbs is this ok?

A two month old baby weighing 12 lbs. is perfectly normal. The average weight for a 2 month old is approximately 11 pounds for a boy and for a girl it is 10 1/2 pounds.

10 examples of apostrophe?

ok okokokokokokokokokokokoko

Is around 90 pounds ok for age 10?

Well it depens of how tall you are but that seams ok.

If the doctor told you that you can not lift anything over 120 pounds in the next 3 weeks is it ok for you to lift something that is 5 kilograms?


Will the supreme 70s be an ok skate if you were a 6'1 college hockey player weighing 230 lbs would they be ok or would you blow them out?

70's will be fine. It gets to how hard do you skate but 70's are almost the top of the line and they are well made...

-3y plus 15-y equals 39?

OK, so-3y + 15 - y = 39-3y + 15 - 15 - y = 39 - 15-3y -y = 24-4y = 24-y = 6y= -6.Hope this helps!

When was Shin Sang-ok born?

Shin Sang-ok was born on 1926-10-18.

When was Kang Kyung-ok born?

Kang Kyung-ok was born on 1965-10-16.

When was Kim Ja-ok born?

Kim Ja-ok was born on 1951-10-11.

What has the author Tony Walsh written?

Tony Walsh has written: 'Sounds OK!: Phonics' 'Write This Way' 'Sounds OK!: Phonics Textbook 4 (10-11) (Sounds OK!: Phonics)' 'Success with Syllables' 'Sounds OK!: Phonics Textbook 1 (7-8yrs) (Sounds OK!: Phonics)' 'Sounds OK!: Understanding Phonics: 10-11 Yrs (Sounds OK!: Understanding Phonics)'

Is it ok if people are 10 years old and they have a MySpace?

why not?

How many sharks do you eat a year?

10 ok

How is the title of the novel explained in chapter 10?


What is the area of 3 ft x 13 ft x 7ft?

Just do 3 times 13 which is 39.Then 39 times 7 ; that gives the answer ...... square feet. You do the sum, fill in the dots above, ok?

Is it OK for a 10 year old boy to weigh 100 pounds and be 58 inches tall?

It's OK.

Can you lose 10 kilograms in two months if you are 5 feet 2 inches and weigh 52.5 kilograms?

Why do you use metric for weight and standard for height? 52.5k is about 115 lbs. That's OK. DO NOT lose 10k (22lbs.) That is called Nicole Richie skinny. But, you can usually lose 3 lbs per wk safely w/out doc supervision so, yeah, but don;t.