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Welding can be all three and even more than that. You can earn a two year Associates degree, a four year Bachelors degree, and even a Masters or Doctorate in Welding Engineering. The American Welding Society also offers many different certifications including a Certified Welding Inspector, a Certified Welding Engineer, and welding certifications for different materials, base metal thicknesses, and welding positions.

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Q: Is welding a 2 year degree 4 year degree or certification?
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What is a Certification for associate's degree?

An associates degree is a 2 year college degree in general education or in an vocational area. There is no certification beyond the college units that you complete in the process of getting the degree. If you are doing a vocational program a certification may go with the degree.

What is the difference between welding engineering and welding technology?

Welding technology is the study and application of the many processes of joining various metals. Welding Engineering is a far deeper study and application into the individual characteristics of each metal. A welding engineer will decide what metals are used in a project and what process to weld those metals. Weld techs will usually just receive blue prints and weld as instructed. Welding technology is usually a 2 year degree, and Welding Engineering is a 4+year degree.

Where can I inquire anything about certification medical coding?

I would go to a 2 year university and get an associate's degree.

How much school is needed if you want to become a welder?

College Welding Certificate: About 6 core welding classes College Welding Advanced certificate: Certificate + about 6 Advanced welding classes Associates Degree in Welding: Certificate + Advanced Certificate + about 8 General Education classes.

What degree does an LPN have who went to school for 2 years?

You need 2 years of schooling to receive LPN certification.

What type of certification is need to be a neurologist?

You need to have a 4-year medical degree & then at least 2 years of research/ residency training to train in your specific field.

Can you get a degree in phlebotomy at a community college?

No. A community college offeres only certification programs or associates degrees (2 year degree). A master's can be obtained only at a 4-year univeristy or college and only after being granted a 4-year bechelor's degree.

How do I earn a certification as a nutritionist?

Going to an accredited 2 year or 4 year college and getting a degree in nutrition is the best way to become a nutritionist. Find the best college to achieve this by looking at the courses that are offered.

What You Receive From A Welding Education?

When you attend welding school you will gain a wealth of knowledge. Welding education is more than learning how to turn a welder on, it is an in depth study of metals and alloys. All metals and alloys are not welded in the same manner. Because of the different types of properties each have they must be welded accordingly. When you get your welding education you will learn the difference between MIG, TIG, Flux Core and Heli Arc welding. You will gain a working understanding of how each metal is used in the construction industry and how to secure them. You will also learn about the different types of welding equipment. If you further your education you may advance to become a welding inspector. Welding is such a crucial aspect to any construction project that inspectors are highly trained and well paid positions. Welding is the basis for most types of construction. Buildings, ships and even roads all have a metal structure to them. Welding is one of the few careers that will not disappear in the new technological age. You will find there are many welding positions in the shipbuilding industry, car industry and , of course, construction industry. There are many private sector jobs that require welding and weld shops are found everywhere in the country. You may also further your education to include specialty welding. There is always a need for under water welders or welders that can work on specialty alloys. Under water welders will be required to have a scuba diving certification prior to receiving a welding cert. When you are ready to graduate you will be given the certification tests. These tests are for working with different metals and welding in different positions. Each certification that you pass will enhance your employment opportunities. While being certified is not required in many welding positions, it is a bonus for higher paying jobs in the workforce. A welding education can take anywhere from 18 months to 4 years to acquire. The length of your schooling will depend on how advanced you wish to go. To make welding inspector you will need a 4 year degree. Specialty welding may add a year to your education. In general, a welder can be educated and certified in less than 2 years.

Where can you find cheap or free welding classes in the Los Angeles area?

You can talk to the county vocational rehabilitation program. They will offer or know who is offering welding classes in the L.A. area.

Title of a 2 year degree and a 4 year degree?

Typically, the two year program of study is referred to as an Associates degree, and the four year program of study is a bachelors degree.

I am from Pakistan and i passed my certificate now i want to take further master degree admission in any Sweden university online what can i do now.?

No, 2 year degrees are not accepted as University Degree you have to do a 4 year degree. in your case may be after doing 2 year master you will be considered as graduate internationally No, 2 year degrees are not accepted as University Degree you have to do a 4 year degree. in your case may be after doing 2 year master you will be considered as graduate internationally No, 2 year degrees are not accepted as University Degree you have to do a 4 year degree. in your case may be after doing 2 year master you will be considered as graduate internationally