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Its a compound because it consist of two elements hydrogen and oxygen, when combined it forms water.


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Water is a compound. Seawater is a mixture containing salts as well as water.

Materials that contain more than one compound or element are called mixtures. Sea water is a mixture of water and salt as well as other substances.

Coffee is a mixture. If it's stirred well enough, it's a homogeneous mixture.

fluorine is a gas, an element not a mixture. It is in the periodical table as well.Fluorine gas is an element

Seawater is neither a compound nor an element but a mixture including much dissolved solid and usually microorganisms as well.

well, iron sulphide is a compound so tin sulphide proberly is.

Seawater is a heterogeneous mixture.Seawater is not an element because it is not in a periodic table. Compound is a combination of two or more elements. Homogeneous mixture is like a salt-water(well mixed) Heterogeneous mixture is like a sand-water(not well mixed)

O3 is ozone, a molecular form of oxygen. Oxygen is an element, not a compound. Elements can be made up of molecules as well as compounds.

an element or a mixture? Well the answer is mixture

Paint is a mixture because different chemicals are mixed together. Paint is also considered to be heterogenous as well as suspensions.

well obviously it is a mixture cant definitely be a compound!

Well, if they were put into water and they dissolved then they would become a compound, but just sugar and salt together would make a mixture.

well its not an element, its likely to be a mixture of compounds that include aromatic compounds (ring structureed compounds), esters maybe, and other compounds all mixed together.

muddy water is a heterogeneous mixture because you can take little parts of mud out of the water, and homogeneous is wrong because homogeneous means it's mixed well so you can't take little parts of it out because there isn't any little parts in a homogeneous mixture.

well it's not an element since it's made of of different things. it's not a compound because it's not physically combined. i'd say your best bet is a mixture because it has several different substances that aren't physically combined.

Fruit punch is a mixture of sugar, flavouring and colour. Some of these ingredients could be compounds, but fruit punch as a whole cannot be a compound, else it would have its own chemical formula. It is not an element as well, elements are the very basic and simple form of substances.

ok well the difference is a compound is chemically combined and a mixture isn't

Well water is a mixture of water and minerals.

Lemon juice is a complex mixture of many compounds and not one single element. Citric acid (also a compound and not an element) gives it the sour taste, but there are many other compounds in there as well.

Well answer it yourself, is it an element? if not then it is a mixture if it is then its pure, hope i helped

The foam of the sea is a mixture, as is seawater itself. The foam differs from the seawater by containing dispersed as well as dissolved air. The dispersed air forms the bubbles of the foam.

Well, it really depends. If they are different elements and they do not undergo a reaction, then they are mixtures. If the two elements DO undergo a reaction, then they are compounds.

No, water is a compound of hydrogen and oxygen. And filtered sea water would still have many other impurity's in it as well

well since it is salt and water i guess it is a mixture

Well, we can eliminate element- since both water and sugar are already compounds. And we can eliminate compound, since you can separate water and sugar (evaporate the water, sugar is left behind). So that leaves mixtures. Homogenous mean evenly mixed throughout. Heterogeneous means that it is not evenly mixed (think yogurt with all the fruit at the bottom). If all the sugar is dissolved, and not laying on the bottom in clumps, that would be a homogenous mixture. If you put in too much sugar, and you can see the extra, that could be a heterogeneous mixture. Does that make sense?

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